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Starcraft-The Unoffical Game 1
Author: Felix Submitted: 19th May, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 139

Starcraft the Unoffical game 1: Siege On Aiur

You are a dragoon, a brave hero in a metal neo-skeleton.

The Zerg's most feared enemy is you, the chaotic overmind invaded Aiur, and you have been chosed to fight for the freedom of Aiur!

! Original Dragoon graphics from the game Star Craft
! Endless psi distrupter action
! Fight against even the most dreaded Ultralisks!

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Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 20th May, 2003

Reviewed... and my record's a meagre 30.
Posted by Galaxy613 20th May, 2003

Posted by dave_c_version1 20th May, 2003

hahaha pointless! ahahha XD
Posted by Wormware 20th May, 2003

I love starcraft. can't wait for part II. I hope it will come.. but first I'll try this game...
Posted by 20th May, 2003

nope not fascinating
Posted by Blackgaze 20th May, 2003

i lost my starcraft CD KEY so i cant play on battlenet (which sucks !) so i am going to download this!!!
Posted by Blackgaze 20th May, 2003

what the? this isn't the build them up starfcraft! just some ripped off game, this would off been better if it was the same game but noyt starcraft.
Posted by Crono 20th May, 2003

Are you on crack skullgrim? Did you honestly think this would be SOMEWHERE as close as good as the acual starcraft? If it is possible to make a rts game just as good as starcraft it would take a VERY VERY LONG TIME.
Posted by Crono 20th May, 2003

Hmmmm... may i suggest you put a little more time into your games felix? This game takes really like 5 minutes to make, and its completey pointless. Wong Chang bang this game doesn't deserve a 4. No game that takes less then a half an hour should get more then a 1.
Posted by Wormware 20th May, 2003

Sorry, but I don't like the game very much.. Never mind, it wasn't that big..
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 20th May, 2003

Perhaps you're right... maybe I was biased because it still didn't beat me as quickly as people do at real Starcraft.
Posted by Felix 21st May, 2003

Posted by dave_c_version1 21st May, 2003

Skull Grim i think your a bit of a foo. what kind of a foo thought some n00b game at the size of 266kb! could be compared with starcraft? (even tho startcraft sucks because rts's suck compared to a quallity tbs) and as for dragon, your lucky i read some newbie article about people like you recently...heh...better luck next time.
Posted by J.J 21st May, 2003

Shit... this was REALLY BAD!
Posted by NightShade 21st May, 2003

errr..... dave c wot r u on about? Starcraft is an amazing rts. 1 of the best strategy games around, especially 4 its age.......have you actually played it properly?
Posted by Crono 21st May, 2003

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA AGES?!?!?! I can seriously do this in five minutes or less
Posted by dave_c_version1 22nd May, 2003

Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 22nd May, 2003

All I do at RTS is get beaten at them. <¦-(
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 22nd May, 2003

But couldn't the same be argued for TBS? Build a big army and wipe out the other team... but take longer to do it?
Posted by Georgie 22nd May, 2003

I think the game was alright. I doubt no one here never made this very game before though. The only problems I have with the game is that there is no sound, and you move too slow to dodge the ultralisks.
Posted by dave_c_version1 23rd May, 2003

haha you obviously dont know what your talking about???? have u ever played FRONT MISSION!!!?!?! you dont build army's! you dont get health!!! u friggan use stratergy to take out the enemy!!! it isn't any slower then an RTS either, 2 hours can go at the blink of an eye........
Posted by AfterStar 24th May, 2003

RTS rulez!Play C&C series and you will change your mind! C&C Series have not much of a strategy but are very very fun to play against human oppenets especially when its 2VS2 3VS3 ect. Starcraft:Brood War & G&G:GENERALS are games to remain in history because they have strategy! Its not a "build 1000000tanks and win" games,you have to arrange your defenses,to use variety of units ect. TBS games are also nice,you have to think hard and play carefully and that requires much much more time than RTSs! Dragon>...A very very rushed game if u ask me,put some more(much more) effort into your projects(please!) =)
Posted by JJ 24th May, 2003

I can't believe some of you can come on here and say things like "pointless" and "this game is REALLY BAD". People make games because they enjoy making games, not to impress people like you. Why does there have to be a point to a freakin klik game?
Posted by Rott bott 25th May, 2003

Skullgrim, i'll give u some help: The key is "1234567891234" (W/out quotation mrks)
Posted by Silveraura 25th May, 2003

I agree with JJ, thats what I do... & When I am not making games for the enjoyment, its because I want something new to play with me & my friends. Thats the main reason I like making 2-4 player games, they are games that me & my friends really enjoy playing.
Posted by Faithtoken 27th May, 2003

This is the worst load of librarian poo i have ever encountered!
Posted by RageVortex 28th May, 2003

DAMN! I didnt wanna believe you guys but this game really sucks... I had a few laughs though... Eaven when I was using Klick&Play I used to make better games than this.
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 28th May, 2003

Are you using your efforts? I first thought that this game is rts but it actually is not. You shouldn't of put it here. Put it in arcade section. Its where the fun never ends. This game is like survival, it gets aharder as you progress. I like it but die too easy. Fix it and needed more animations. You can make a good game if you used your graphics and changed the name.
Posted by Blackgaze 3rd June, 2003

booooooooooo, make it rts next time
Posted by l)arkone 4th June, 2003

this is pathetic! it is pointless! Argh! i can't sxplain how crappy this game is! i don't even think u even tried!
Posted by lierolord 12th June, 2003

this game sucks! don't download it if you actually have a life!
Posted by KanoBlade 18th November, 2003

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