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Review: Starcraft-The Unoffical Game 1
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 20/05/2003

A Starcraft fan game? That's a new one - mostly it's just Sonic and Mario clones. Still, while the two most common types are just modifications and replicas of the existing games, this one is something different entirely, pretty much unrelated to the original game. Which is probably a good thing, considering the amount of times that I've been completely ARROWED! while playing Starcraft over the network.

Let's get this over with - the author has put the game in an installer. Please desist. OK, now that's done I can get on with reviewing the game itself.

It starts off with a very wonky-looking title screen - the title is nice enough, but the text and button are very off-centre. After clicking "Play", I sat back to watch what I presumed was an introduction sequence, and was informed that "You died". Well, it was early in the morning. I also noticed that there doesn't appear to be any way back from this screen apart from pressing F2 for new game - not the most friendly of interfaces.

So I started again and tried to work out what to do, being as I was bereft of instructions. The object of the game turned out to be: Slide a static graphic of a Dragoon across the screen and fire white circles at equally non-moving Ultralisk graphics, all taking place on a blank black background. (Try saying that ten times fast).

It's not meant to be an epic, of course - just a five-minute distraction - but even so it isn't very well made. Your Dragoon moves very slowly compared to the Ultralisks, meaning that most of the time you just have to fire in all directions madly in the hope of hitting one of them.

On the positive side, though, it's actually quite enjoyable even if for a couple of minutes, and even if there isn't a lot of programming there, what's there is competent at least.

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