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City Sim DEMO
Author: OSulligaming Submitted: 15th March, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 405

City Sim - The worlds first city management simulation made in The Games Factory.
Ever imagined yourself Mayor of a city? Faced with all sorts of problems such as crime, keeping population high and building your dream megopolis from the comfort of your own room? Well now you can.

In City Sim, your the boss! You decide where buildings go using the City Sim engine (in other words wherever you click, the building you chose will be built there). you choose who gets funded and who doesnt, you decide where people live and how far they must travel to get to work. And if that becomes a little boring, why not try sandbox mode - with unlimited cash - or one of the many exciting scenarios.

+ Over 20 types of building (including police stations, fire stations, stadiums, hospitals, city halls, colleges, residential zones and industrial zones)
+ Over 10 scenarios (sorry but only 1 is in the demo)
+ Interactive advisor with tips and hints
+ Full interactive tutorial
+ The City Sim engine allows you to set tax rates to get income, you get to fund town services to cut down on accidents, keep crime down, and happiness up.

There is also a 27 page .PDF manual included in the game. Also, I am planning expansion packs so you can build towns in medieval times, and in the future.

NOTE ALSO:::: This game is still in development. If anyone has any ideas please contact me by sending me an email.

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Posted by Shme (Stupid Liar) 15th March, 2003

wasn't there some bigshot simcity or alike game (or demo) made with TGF before this?
Posted by Pete Nattress 15th March, 2003

its gonna take more than one screenshot to convince me to download a 13meg demo. any more?
Posted by pr0 15th March, 2003

i cant download it!! geocities is lame. anyway the screenshot looks nice! is it really that good?!
Posted by Smeggy 15th March, 2003

Oh my god how can you do a game like this in little basic tgf?
Posted by pr0 15th March, 2003

ZD or something removed your download :(
Posted by CYS 15th March, 2003

It's quite big...might download it later
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 15th March, 2003

Ill download it but, i have to wait an hour for your allocated data to be stored back or something???
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 15th March, 2003

your page got back on but it said that thing about ZY has removed your download.
Posted by Spram 15th March, 2003

After looking at the screenies, I have to get this. I cant download. Do something! Ag!
Posted by OOOPPPs 16th March, 2003

R the gfx ripped??
Posted by OSulligaming 16th March, 2003

OK ill answer all your questions. Sorry about the large download - but that is due to the sound and everything. Ill try to add a sound free version soon if I can - which will be about 3 megs Secondly, yeah the file has been removed but im uploading again VERY soon so please come back soon :( (sorry) Also, it was very easy to make this game. The engine is very complicated but once it was done, all I have to do is change a fe variables and a whole new level or scenario is completed. If you would like any more info, e-mail me
Posted by OSulligaming 16th March, 2003

BTW the graphics arnt ripped - i got them from the Sim City 3000 building exchange an credited the creators respectively in-game
Posted by Yuhkaz 16th March, 2003

.. It would be cool if you did your own style GFX.
Posted by OSulligaming 16th March, 2003

HEYHEYHEYHEYHEY -sorry THE DEMO IS NOW UP AND IT WORKS, GUARANTEED THE DEMO IS NOW UP AND IT WORKS, GUARANTEED Sorry to all those who got annoyed b4 as they couldnt get it. Also, dont panic, you can download the 13MBS in stages of 4 MB each.
Posted by DaveC 16th March, 2003

the game looks awful. why didnt u make some decent fonts for the text and numbers!?!?!? default text and number colours?!?!??! put some effort into presnentation next time pleaseeeeeeee.
Posted by OSulligaming 16th March, 2003

sorry, but it is only a DEMO and a BETA (if you read the description) The final outcome may somewhat differ. As in the fonts. BTW any suggestions for fonts then? ALSO COULD SOMEONE PLEASE REVIEW IT ONCE YOU PLAY IT THX
Posted by OSulligaming 16th March, 2003

Right this will be my last entry here for a LONG time but I just came to the conclusion that Geocities, is Cr*p! Honestly. The site has been up for a day and already its exceeded its allocated file transer. I contacted Geocities and they say that the site got so busy they block it off for an hour or so. IF THE PAGE ISNT ACCESSABLE, PLZ COME BACK LATER. ILL TRY TO GET ANOTHER HOST ALSO.
Posted by Steve T. 16th March, 2003

God, people will complain over anything. I bet some idiot will say "Hey, you didn't draw all these gfx yourself, WTF screw you I'm not playing your game learn how to draw you talentless prick" It's a good game. Keep up the good work.
Posted by OSulligaming 16th March, 2003

Posted by pr0 16th March, 2003

i agree people keep complaining for the smallest things. i like to think they are jus jealous ...
Posted by AntiChrist 17th March, 2003

its always the same... people are complaining about gfx as if they could do better... WELL THEN, PROVE IT!!!
Posted by DaveC 17th March, 2003

haha wtf are ya'll talking about??? that shitty navey blue font is way out of place, its an eyesore i dont see how u guys can look past complete crap. to get a thumbs up from me the game wouldn't have to be great, just conistent and solid, none of this typical CLICK crap. Its not like im complaining about nothing its just simple things u should fix, PLAIN green tiles mixed with detailed buildings looks poor, as does your WEAK rush job attempt at a menu that isn't even layerd properly. Next time make some custom fonts, custom counters and a decent looking menu and overall presentation that you can be proud of.
Posted by Broomie 17th March, 2003

I agree with Flipzkill's review, save feature, people on the streets, downsize the music and have a scrolling system to make far better cities. But in other words, great game.
Posted by Joe Do 17th March, 2003

I don't know why people complain so much, but I do thing that this is a good game. Keep it up and I'm looking forward to the full game and expansions!
Posted by Andrew Spier 17th March, 2003

What do you know!? I got SimCity 4 (the newest one!) on March 15th (when this game was posted!)!
Posted by skatekid 18th March, 2003

the third file doesnt work. It says it isnt a valid archive.
Posted by Reaven Khali 19th March, 2003

Um,.. Http:// my friend owns the site, he gives 150 megs free webspace and NO BANDWIDTH LIMIT (yet) ... you should sign up and host your files (and create the webpage for your games) there. Just don't abuse his services and keep it to 1 account.
Posted by OSulligaming 19th March, 2003

thx a lot- if i can get the file up ill do it now and ill give an extra download option from the official site! :) (y)
Posted by The Green Stranger 20th March, 2003

Da screenshots are looking good! :)
Posted by Jenswa 20th March, 2003

funny although i prefers simcity for windows (you know that dos version, but then for windows)






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