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Review: City Sim DEMO
Author: pr0
Added: 17/03/2003

First off, this game is quite amusing. There are a few bugs to work out but other than that, it looks very promising and a great layout.

Presentation: Includes a nice tutorial system which is great and explains almost everything in the game. If you already played SimCity 2000, the tutorial is almost identical and easy to get a hang of. No Save feature is really annoying, you create a city but there is no way to save! That's one thing you should not miss out on!

There should however, be a scroll feature since the screen area is really small (1024x76, you can basicly create only a mini town facing one direction which really limits the game since its a wooping 13 meg download! Oh well...

Gameplay: there are some bugs to work out but after all it is a demo! There should be more buildings and perhaps add people walking (for population) on the roads.

Gfx: you can't change the way the buildings face which is a bummer since the building faces you at all times, but the graphics are very nice.

The music is great but it slows down the game as it is a big wav file playing. To fix the slow down I would recommend converting the wav to a mp3 so that the size it smaller, then use the MCI (mpegvideo) to play the file seperatly.

The fonts are very basic (MS Sans Serif), it doesn't give it the professional 'look' like most people want.

Final Comments:
Add a save feature, downsize the music, add a scrolling feature for a bigger playfield!! Maybe also allow multiple direction facing for the buildings.


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