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Myth Of Guera
Author: nawitus Submitted: 1st March, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 352
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Edited By nawitus on 3/2/2003

PanuSoft´s last game was harryfly, now we bring you:

Myth Of Guera is a RPG game.
It has exp-system and save option.You can use items such as potions, macig scrolls, shield and more.
You can fight with over 10 animated enemys.Game is very big and has a large map.It is only 1 player game.
The game has 1 bug, when you try to load game or start a new game it goes back to main menu, just load or start new game again and it works.When you start playing it seems to be hard, but it gets easier to the end.Lord Khdacrar is trying to take over the lands of Guera, named GueraLands( suprise? )
You should read to guide before starting to play.And remember to save alot.
Swing Sword:Shift
Shoot Arrow:Left mouse button
Drink Potion
Use macig scrolls:S
Buy potion:B(Price 100)
Buy arrows:A(Price 500)
Buy macig scrolls:M(Price 750)

You can move to different ares by going to edge of screen.
PanuSoft(The developers of the game) are already started making Myth Of Guera 2.

And thanks for download!
We hope you enjoy it as much we did making it.

If the link doesnt work try another mirror i put up:

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 (2mb )

Posted by MattB 2nd March, 2003

Nice... for the next version, how about less generic buttons? The corners for the menus (3rd screenie) look a bit rough. Looks quite fun. Downloading...
Posted by MattB 2nd March, 2003

Reviewed. Needs work.
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 2nd March, 2003

Doesn't work. The links work but when downloaded it says something that can't open the game. And it only contains the gam file. There's no exe file in it.
Posted by Cazra 2nd March, 2003

Can u email thye game to me? The link doesn't work. my email is
Posted by DragonDraikk 2nd March, 2003

There's an Error in the file!
Posted by MattB 2nd March, 2003

Oh, and I beat it about 15 minutes after writing the review. I didn't realize there was a screen to the right of the lower-left yeti-like dude... The item trading doesn't make much sense at all. You get a drink to open a house so you can get a music box so you can give it to some kid so you can get a key so you can open a house and use your dog food to catch a dog and get into the desert area... I don't get it. Easy, just illogical. And none of the undead dogs or black knights wanna die when I shoot them... Not like it's a problem, just run past them, but it's still odd. Perfect spelling in #2.
Posted by HOSJ 2nd March, 2003

"We hope you enjoy it as much we did making it." How cliche can you get???
Posted by Matt 2nd March, 2003

Looks Awesome! DOWNLOADING... ;)
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 2nd March, 2003

Your zip ile is courupted please fix it so i can try it
Posted by nawitus 2nd March, 2003

The zip file worked for me, but uploaded it to a different host, try:
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 2nd March, 2003

Download...Will comment after testing.
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 2nd March, 2003

Downloaded Die too easy. Can't tell where I hit. I need to see where i swing the sword. Everything's here so so to me. The gameplay is the one I rate very low. I read the review but I don't believe it but now I do.
Posted by Kris 3rd March, 2003

Why on earth did you put every DLL into the zip? Games factory games only need "cncs32.dll" included
Posted by Robert Berry 3rd March, 2003

Lol ^-^
Posted by Ecstazy 5th March, 2003

Looks good, but..."Macig scroll"? ;)
Posted by @tomic 9th March, 2003

downloading... Esperemos que esté bien. I hope it be great.
Posted by @tomic 9th March, 2003

I've just played it, it´s very good, but the sword doesn´t seems work. Es uno de los mejores de rol que he juegado (quitando future fantasy y yokoy), pero la funcion de la espada no parece funcionar.
Posted by nawitus 9th March, 2003

Well sword works but it isint very good :D
Posted by juha mikkolainen 10th March, 2003

no vittu
Posted by juha mikkolainen 10th March, 2003

yo oon paras toi tomic on nyyppä jou
Posted by Da Green Gnome 18th March, 2003

Nice.. Not best graphics but it's good.. :) PS. Ja voisit kuunnella enkuntunneil vähä enemmän? ;)
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 25th March, 2003

Good review, Salt - but I think everyone on the site disagrees with you about installers!
Posted by Weston L 11th August, 2003

Good game for a first RPG. The thing I don't like about it is how all the monsters on the screen all come at you at once, even if they are on the other side of the screen. It would be better if they were on a path movement and if you got close, then the mosters would come after you. Well, good job anyway. Thumbs up!






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