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Review: Myth Of Guera
Author: MattB
Added: 02/03/2003

I wasn't expecting much when I began downloading Myth of Guera. Just a simple Diablo clone to pass the time. Looking at the screenshots, it was obvious that it wasn't knock-your-socks-off, but it looked passable enough, so I hit the link, waited a good 45 minutes, unzipped, and was in for a big surprise... It was even less fun than I expected.

Like I said, graphics are passable, but certainly not outstanding. The title is simple text; nothing flashy at all, with a box explaining what each menu option does. I'm not an idiot; "New Game" explins itself well enough. Most enemies, as well as your character, have only one direction of animation: down. Of course, this makes it rather difficult to tell just where you're attacking.

And because there's no special animation for when you attack, it's hard to tell if you're attacking at all. A little sound plays occasionally while swinging your sword, but does that indicate that you can only swing when it plays the sound, or does it just play every now and then? Thus, you have no idea just how far your attack reaches, or if you're even attacking in the right direction. During my whole time playing this game, I think I killed about two enemies using the sword, after which I died because I couldn't attack any others.

There are seven items in the game: money, potions, arrows, magic scrolls, keys, and two others that I never got far enough to find out and can't tell by the greyed-out placeholder pic. The first three are very easy to come by; simply run back and forth across the first two screens and you're maxed out in no time. Which pretty much ruins any challenge that could be derived from the game, having an endless supply of health, and virtually ever-lasting arrows to slay enemies with. Of course, the second is welcome, since arrows are the only way to effectively kill enemies.

So, I fooled around in the first couple of screens, trying to figure out how to use my sword, slaughtering an endless supply of snakes, spiders, ogres, and coneheads (?) with arrows, but I couldn't find out what to do. There is no direction... the only trace of plot being that some person is trying to take over the Guera lands. What, may I ask, does that tell me? I ran around for about half an hour trying to figure out what I was supposed to do, running around some sort of circular grey thing surrounded by Yetis.

As far as I played, sound consists of a sword-slashing sound. Music isn't the best, but decent. It seems ripped, but at least it reflects the world you're in, reminiscent of Ultima IV and Quest 64.

This game has potential to be fun. It has the elements of a classic RPG, though perhaps not fully developed, but the lack of direction and the inability to actually kill anything detracts so much that it's nothing but aggravating and unplayable. If the maker improves upon just these two aspects in the sequel, they would have a good game. Not a classic, but a game at least worthy of recognition. As it is, though, it's not worth the download.

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