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Harry FLY!
Author: nawitus Submitted: 26th January, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 117

Edited By nawitus on 1/26/2003

Harry Fly Version 1.0
Harryfly is 2d game where you fly guy named harry.There are 11 big levels and 2 of those are in school,others are action.Animation and graphics are the best in any panusoft product.

Game has 2 mid-bosses and 1 big boss, and they offer you alot of

challenge. The game is ready now.Harryfly has passwords, cheats and bonus level.

You can also play multiplayer with 2 different modes!

Go download it!

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Posted by Ashman 26th January, 2003

*shudder* You tried to get money for this?... Just asking....
Posted by Elvn 26th January, 2003

He tried to get money for this?!?!
Posted by nawitus 26th January, 2003

Anyway,can u give comments of the game? :P
Posted by Prototailz 26th January, 2003

... I thought that guy was FLY. But it wasn't. :( But the questions are way too hard!
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 27th January, 2003

Pretty good, surprisingly enough. Reviewed!
Posted by nawitus 27th January, 2003

Wong Chung Bang, thanks for the review, i liked it alod!I and my friend started to make this game like year ago and now its ready.About the "do you wanna taste my macig wand", it was inside joke :P
Posted by nawitus 27th January, 2003

Only 12 downloads :( , so harry potter is officaly "OUT"
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 27th January, 2003

No problem. I'm definitely no fan of Harry Potter, but as I said this was pretty decent.
Posted by Wendell 27th January, 2003

I am a fan of herry potter





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