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Space Invasion 1 LEVEL BETA
Author: LittleGuy (Ecstasy Studios) Submitted: 13th January, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 62

Edited By LittleGuy on 1/14/2003

Your mission is to defend yourself, your city and your people from an enemy alien attack. Killing an alien craft earns you 1000 points but if the aliens destroy parts of your city you can loose big points.
When you loose all your health or your city is wiped out it's game over.

The game is abit like missile command only with an aerial view of the city, looking down on people, trians, buildings and everything else. In the game you fly a stealth jet plane thing with unlimeted missiles. For every 5 seconds that you or your city is still functioning you get a bonus point.

As this is a BETA test it contians a few small bugs and limitations, look out for V1.5.2

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Posted by bigdave 14th January, 2003

wtf? take the sound out, that's rediculous. the games alright
Posted by LittleGuy (Ecstasy Studios) 15th January, 2003

Does anyone else have anything to say. 6 downloads and a comment, people these days!!
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 19th January, 2003

You can rely on me. Reviewed.





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