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Review: Space Invasion 1 LEVEL BETA
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 19/01/2003

What really jumps out at you about this game is the sound. Not that it's any good, but it almost literally jumps out at you: I had a heavy metal MP3 playing through my speakers at five to one in the morning when I reviewed this, so you can probably imagine that my speakers were turned down pretty low.

I jumped out of my skin when I started the game and got the first "AAAAAAAAHH!" sound. As you might have guessed by now, it's far too loud, and probably woke up everyone else in my block (no, I'm not in prison, but the Hall I'm in certainly resembles one, it's a brick with windows).

Turning the volume right down hurriedly, I tried to get it to an acceptable level, which involved turning the speaker volume control an infinitesimally small fraction of a degree up. I was then able to play the game without having the rest of the street round to complain. The voice samples themselves have been recorded by the author. They're of comparable quality to those featured in Altered Beast.

Gameplay could be compared to Defender, in that you have to protect the lives of people down on the ground from the incoming aliens. The ship's very difficult to control as the Hot Spot is in the wrong place, making the turning point at the front of the ship. Movement is dodgy as well - the ship can travel as fast as the missiles it fires, and it's difficult to align yourself with your target without zooming past them.

It's sort of a laugh, but not really difficult enough - I didn't find any way to lose, especially as the aliens each give you 1000 points when you shoot them. Despite the lack of good gameplay, the game is in fact programmed very competently - I was impressed by the way that the satellite dish faces the ship, even though it's irrelevant to the game. So, with better game mechanics, this beta could turn out into a pretty good game.

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