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Author: LittleGuy (Ecstasy Studios) Submitted: 2nd August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 50

Edited By LittleGuy (Ecstasy Studios) on 8/4/2003

Edited By LittleGuy (Ecstasy Studios) on 8/4/2003

GlobeStinger is an Internet Browser with all the main features of a good browser:
Custom HomePage
Custom Searchpage

and a few other usefull ones:
Browse 2 pages at once by flicking between them with the tabs
Jot down any notes with a simple built in drawing thing

So dwnload the browser and give it a whirl!
BTW, for my first ever MMF project I think this turned out very well.

System requirements:
300Mhz+ CPU (Not too sure about this)
Support for 1024x768 resolotion
1MB of HD space (at the very most)

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Posted by J.J 4th August, 2003

This had som nice features.... but i cant get the point off making these.... we have IE....annyway... you should make that note thing with text bit paint. And, jeeez, why cant i save my notes.... but, serious... make it with text.
Posted by J.J 4th August, 2003

Posted by LittleGuy (Ecstasy Studios) 4th August, 2003

It was just a thing I made to get me started using MMF, I'm sory about the not being able to save notes thing, I was in a hury to get the .exe built and put on this site.
Posted by Mr Icekirby 18th December, 2003

? who needs a custom web browser ? IE and notepad do just fine! IE can open as many windows as your computer can handle! not 2! thumbs down!
Posted by LittleGuy (Ecstasy Studios) 4th July, 2004

You can open several copies of this browser too, each with 2 windows. And using this browser doesn't ban you from notepad
Posted by a.j. walker 26th February, 2005

I think it's good as a starter browser using mmf. great job!





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