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Monster Hunter
Author: LilSean Submitted: 10th January, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 520
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Take on the role of a "Monster Hunter", in a world where monsters are considered common pests and the people need your help to exterminate them. Make your way through 6 levels, of which consist of shooting as many monsters as you can, to preventing harm to townspeople. Then, after completing each level, see how you rank compared to your buddies on the "high scores" table. Above all, just do your best and have fun in this fast pace world of monster hunting!

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Posted by Rhino Studios© 11th January, 2003

Wow! I liked the grafics alot!
Posted by CYS 11th January, 2003

I like the graphics.. *downloading have a very unique style... a style with pencil marks all over.
Posted by bigdave 12th January, 2003

and again- the graphics look amazing. downloading...
Posted by Yikes 13th January, 2003

WOW! HOW DO YOU MAKE THOSE GRAPHICS? THEY ARE BRILLIANT! THEY ARE FANTASTIC! THEY ARE SUPER, EXTREME, AWESOME, GOOD, EXITING, FUNNY, ENTERTAINING AND WILD! I have downloaded the game, but it wasn't that fun in gameplay... And yeah... Hmmm... Pencil marks all around!
Posted by SpaceD 15th January, 2003

This game is everything a click game should be. Easy to navigate, pleasing to the eye, and entertaining. Very proffesionally done. Gameplay may not have been the most original or exciting, but is certainly better than 'mad santa castro'. Monster hunter has a better story, too - sometimes what is implied is better than trying to make up an excuse for a shoot 'em up (i.e. castro)
Posted by Yuhkaz 15th January, 2003

The GFX don't look like they are made in the picture editor, unless its anti-aliased in MMF or something. But great GFX!
Posted by LilSean 16th January, 2003

Thanks for all the good comments on the game.
Posted by AfterStar 19th January, 2003

Graphics are just amazing! With your gfx-talent you should start making bigger games! ...Almost everything was made in paper with pencil(?),then scanned and cleared all around,then painted...jezus lots and lots of work...but the result is just amazing!
Posted by OOOPPPs 19th January, 2003

Looks Xcellent
Posted by Nick 19th January, 2003

Hey. Thanks for all the positive responses. I'm the artist by the way. I hand drew everything and inked only the sprites. The BG's I left in pencil and colored everything in Photoshop. Me and LilSean are working on another title by the way. I guess he'll try uploading it here like with Monster Hunter, once we're finished. The upcoming game will be using a different style though. Thanks again for all the comments and making Monster Hunter the #1 game of the week.
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 19th January, 2003

My scanner ius crap. im wanted to scan my Bros drawings and it turns out all weird.
Posted by LittleGuy (Ecstasy Studios) 20th January, 2003

looking at the screenshots I'd say great graphics. Infact you've disapointed me in away because that's another game with graphics better than anything I could do.
Posted by thewreck 20th January, 2003

i c alot of photoshop here! nice anyway..
Posted by Anya 22nd January, 2003

Just one thing. It seems to be impossible to get a score above zero on the beach and city levels.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 22nd January, 2003

I found it easy to get a positive score on those levels... Anyway, a long overdue review added.
Posted by Anya 23rd January, 2003

Okay, maybe I'm just very bad at this game.
Posted by Anya 23rd January, 2003

Okay, maybe I'm just very bad at this game.
Posted by Domitian Alexandru 23rd January, 2003

How do you play the other levels though ?
Posted by FusionDogg 21st February, 2003

Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 25th May, 2003

doesn´t look very funny...sorry, won´t download.
Posted by Wilderness (Ultra Soft) 23rd August, 2004

Link doesn't work...






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