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Review: Monster Hunter
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 22/01/2003

Let's start with the obvious and get it out of the way. As you'll have seen from the screenshots, the graphics in this game are nothing short of amazing - their unique hand-drawn comic-book style is very pleasing on the eye. Well done to Nick, the artist, as this is an excellent piece of work.

Does the rest of the game live up to the excellent graphics? Well... sort of. The game takes the form of six mini-games, all of which involve shooting monsters of some description or another. They're all in the "Point Blank" style - you're given two minutes to either keep the monsters at bay or just shoot as many of them as possible. Points are deducted for when a person is injured or a car is crushed beneath the tentacles of a green mutation.

You must be using a shotgun with very wide spreadfire, because it doesn't matter whether the crosshair is directly over enemies or not - if you fire with the cursor anywhere near your target, you'll score a hit. It's a minor thing, and you normally wouldn't notice it in normal gameplay, though.

The real problem is this - you're given seven bullets and then you have to reload, and this is done by moving the cursor to the button on the top right of the screen. This takes time, and by the time you've reached the place you were again, you've inevitably lost points. Using right-click would probably have been better for this, even if it's meant to take time to reload. It's especially annoying on games which involve fast reactions, such as the Monstrous Signs level.

Other than those minor irritations, Monster Hunter is certainly worthy of GOTW #40 and of course your download time - even if it is only to print out screenshots, frame them and hang them on your wall. <-) Congratulations to both LilSean and Nick.

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