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Alien Escape (Full Version)
Author: LilSean Submitted: 17th March, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 114

After conquering a planet, this four multi-colored alien crew makes plans to head home. The only problem is they've been leaking fuel ever since they left their home world. In utter shock, they collect themselves and figure out they still have a chance in making it home. All they must do is fly to the planets they passed and gather what "fuel blobs" they dropped on them when cruising by. A nice plan... if they can stand landing on every planet they passed in their 10 year journey through hyper space. Is there any chance for these four aliens? Will they ever escape from their eternity sentence of being a tourist? Only time will tell while they try to make their Alien Escape.

New Features Include:

3 Difficuly Levels
Switch Between Display Mode
Controller Configuration
Auto Saving
A Game Ending
A ton of Cheat Codes( You are given the the cheat codes after you beat the game.)
A new song
Better Random Levels
Less Bugs
Spaceship grows when aliens enter.
Plus More...

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Posted by LilSean 18th March, 2003

Some reviews would be nice. :)
Posted by The New SnS 20th March, 2003

its just that the game doesn't seem that interesting by the screenshots... that's why you don't have that many downloads.
Posted by Zap{Zapdude Productions} 12th April, 2003

wow! JD chill out, I know everybody gets chessed of when they charge you or dont give you the source code but that's life.....
Posted by izac 26th July, 2005

i can't seem to download any games





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