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davSter Crazy Soccer
Author: bigdave Submitted: 29th October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Sport Downloads: 347

Edited By Bigdave on 11/23/2002

Edited By Bigdave on 11/3/2002

I have decided to change the name to 'davSter crazy soccer' realising that there is another crazy soccer on the is website. Ideally, i'd call it crazy football but you would probably get confused. It is 1 on 1 soccer with 1 player, 2 player and AI modes. There are two players and a ref on the pitch with extras on the sideline.

Player 1(red, dark hair on the left) is controlled by the arrow keys and control shoots. Player 2(blue, blonde hair on the right) is controlled by w, a, s, d and tab is shoot. Each player has a goalkeeper that moves with your controls. You have the ability to dribble realistically, i.e. Not too hard to control the ball and not too easy.

There are other cool extras like a ball trail when someone has just had a shot and there are some extras that you wont notice.

The AI adds a lot to the game, as it is very accurate. You cannot choose the difficulty in 1 player mode but the computer should be of your standard. If you canít beat it at first, you will get better. The AI can defend, dribble and shoot when required and is not perfect/ terrible at anything.

I have not included any win conditions, as I often get annoyed when Iím playing a game and have to keep restarting it because time is up or I have reached a certain amount of points. This way, you can keep playing until you are bored.

The thumbnails do not work so click on the broken thumbnail to see the screenshot.

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Posted by Antonio Barra 29th October, 2002

The name of this game sounds very familiar... I'm downloading it now anyway :p
Posted by bigdave 29th October, 2002

it was the only one that suited it
Posted by Pete Nattress 29th October, 2002

good game, i wrote a review.
Posted by bigdave 29th October, 2002

so what i said is not true
Posted by royal knight software 29th October, 2002

keep playing tell u get bored sounds boring lol
Posted by DBack 29th October, 2002

I LOVED this game; got it about 5 years ago LOL
Posted by bigdave 30th October, 2002

i'm working on V1.1 now, which will have slightly better AI, AI stats and a hi-scores table. I think i will get rid of that goal sample or get a shorter one.
Posted by bigdave 1st November, 2002

and a 2-a-side mode
Posted by bigdave 1st November, 2002

it'll be a day or 2
Posted by bigdave 2nd November, 2002

both reviews contradict each other, any others to settle it?






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