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Review: davSter Crazy Soccer
Author: Pete Nattress
Added: 29/10/2002

This is a pretty damn cool soccer(a.k.a. british football) game.

It boasts fair AI, but from what I saw the AI scored more own goals than it actually scored proper goals. The AI basically just shoots when it gets the ball, regardless of anything else. Its still fun in 1 player, and the special AI match option is entertaining for a couple of minutes.

There is only one person per team, plus a bat for the keeper. I'm not a paticular fan of the fact that moving right also sends the bat down (methinks a bug), but the control system is fairly good - you control both the keeper and the player with the arrows. The Ctrl key is shoot.

Gameplay wise, the game is very fun. You can basically only shoot and dribble, but both actions work well. You get a motion trail when you shoot, which is also pretty cool.

Graphics wise, the game could be better, but as is it looks alright. The attention to detail is good, however, with linesmen, a ref who follows at a distance, and a manager on the sideline.

Lastability wise, the game could be made much better and much more entertaining. Its worth the download but you won't be staying up to play on it. Two player mode is fun and slightly more challenging.

In conclusion, the game is good, but good be better. Lets stay tuned for a sequel.


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