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davSter Crazy Soccer V1.2
Author: bigdave Submitted: 2nd November, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Sport Downloads: 105

Edited By Bigdave on 11/23/2002

Edited By Bigdave on 11/2/2002

This game is not a sequel as the layout is the same but there are many noticable changes. The main one being a 2-a-side mode in 2 player and AI matches. There are others like 1 player high scores and AI stats. Those of you who have the original, this is still worth the download. The AI has also been improved in many ways.
For those who haven't played the original, go to that page for controls and more information. The screenshots here are the same as the original screenshots. I'll get some new ones up soon.
Because this file is too big for my primary web host, i have had to use geocities so you may experience problems with downloading.
IE. exceeded bandwidth etc.
The thumbnails do not work so click on the broken thumbnail to see the screenshot.

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Posted by kreature 2nd November, 2002

holy maloney, you release games exetremly frequently .. didn't your mother ever tell you 'quality before quantity' ?
Posted by Yuhkaz 2nd November, 2002

how the hell do you play? who are you? what are the keys? AHHH!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Yuhkaz 2nd November, 2002

oh.. that was AI match.. no wonder.. very nice. just get better gfx (i know they could be better ;)) and the game would be awesome.
Posted by bigdave 3rd November, 2002

Rushed: i'm fairly new to this site and i've been uploading games i have already made. Joel: if i was to make another one with better graphics, rushed would complain because i'm releasing another one.
Posted by Pete Nattress 4th November, 2002

can't please everyone. the ai still scores own goals! and i don't see a whole lotta gameplay difference.
Posted by bigdave 5th November, 2002

are you blind? there are 2-a-side matches, 1 player top scores and AI stats! That's almost enough for a sequel!
Posted by bigdave 6th November, 2002

speaking of not-quite-sequels, i'm working on an online version
Posted by bigdave 15th November, 2002

how can you get better graphics? not saying that these graphics are stunning but how do you make good graphics on 5 x 5 pixel characters?





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