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Author: Rhys Davies Submitted: 19th October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 186

This is another small game from me that i've made off the side from my bigger projects. Anyway, eric started a post on the TK boards about making a game with only 4 colours, just like an old Game Boy game. I was bored and decided to give it a go, and this was the result.

In this game you jump around a platform level collecting all the diamonds in the fastest time possible. The quicker you are the higher your score.

Please remember this is a very simple game and yet simple can be addictive trying to beat your highest score. My score is around the 58,800 mark.

Download it today and give it a go!

- RhysD

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Posted by SplinTAH 19th October, 2002

Looks cool Rhys
Posted by Plasticow 19th October, 2002

This is pretty decent for a game that took only a few hours to make.
Posted by Rikus 19th October, 2002

Looks Cool, but Rhys your avatar is not working:)
Posted by Rhys Davies 19th October, 2002

yeah i know, stupid brinkster lol. i'll change it soon. thanks for the comments so far btw :) a review maybe?
Posted by TomH 19th October, 2002

Damn, my best is about 57,600 :(
Posted by Levi 19th October, 2002

how is it possible to beat 58,288?
Posted by bigdave 19th October, 2002

i was fairly dissapointed with this game when i played it. Just a suggestion, you've got the jumping and gravity all wrong. The gravity seems to strong (maybe lowering both the gravity and the jump strength, assuming you made it with the platform engine)
Posted by Shen 19th October, 2002

I think he used a custom one.
Posted by Silveraura 19th October, 2002

Dude that score was easy to beat! I got 63,021 :-D
Posted by Dogzer 19th October, 2002

Im hungry
Posted by Duncan 19th October, 2002

The score-saving seems to be just a little messed up.
Posted by Morbid 19th October, 2002

Addictive but frustrating. I think the gravity is a bit exaggerated.
Posted by Levi 19th October, 2002

i dont think its addictive though, its a cool idea but what would have made this game really different is if you made randomly generated levels. and it wouldnt be that hard. nevertheless, original and pretty cool. gj
Posted by Rhys Davies 19th October, 2002

brandon you must have cheated, the timer starts counting down on 60,000
Posted by Rhys Davies 19th October, 2002

i'll change the gravity and re-upload it so future downloads dont have a problem.
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 19th October, 2002

Ok well it may be something to do with scores or something if brandon got a score that high.Try to look for it cuz one of these were even in Binary!
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 19th October, 2002

Posted by Rhys Davies 19th October, 2002

hmmm I don't think Izzerg got the whole point of this game. ITS A SMALL FRIGGIN GAME THAT WAS MADE FOR A COMPETITION AT TK. And yes the graphics ARE meant to be like a game boy, and yes I USED the GAME BOY logo, which i drew myself, so it looked like it was straight from the GAME BOY. I wish some people would read the friggin information before expecting a game to be as good as they are expecting it to be.
Posted by Izzerg 20th October, 2002 violent. Eh, well different people have different opinions and if you want to yell at me because of mine go ahead. The game still sucks.
Posted by Izzerg 20th October, 2002

Plus, I didn't say the Game-boy graphics I said VETREX, which isn't even Nintendo.
Posted by Rhys Davies 21st October, 2002

Ill point you in the direction of this topic at Total Klik and you'll understand why I made it. I never shouldn't have posted it here, knowing all the retards that visit it.
Posted by Izzerg 23rd October, 2002

RETARDS? RETARDS? Now you could've said anything else and, I wouldn't be slightly offended, but there ARE MENTALLY CHALLENGED PEOPLE that actually visit here! Watch what you say, or shut the hell up all together.






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