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Milber (the original)
Author: Rhys Davies Submitted: 16th November, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 153

I can't believe this. After about a year or so of not knowing where all my classic games where that I made when I first started out with klik, I came across a CD that contained all of them! And then to my suprise (and luck) I found the very first game I ever released under the Atomic Entertainment company name (anyone remember MookSenior? he was in it as well )

Anyway, the original Milber was made in 1998 and i've recompiled it in MMF so it runs faster, and fixed one annoying lives bug. So here it is to download and relive the good times Hopefully Rikus remembers this, cause I think he posted it on the front page waaaaay back then

Oh and about having to move along with the moving platforms, i was a newbie back then and didn't really know how to make it so it didnt do that, but now i suppose it adds to the gameplay factor.


C&C Appreciated

- RhysD

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Posted by Jason Orme 17th November, 2002

Unexpected end of archive Odd!
Posted by David Niemeyer 17th November, 2002

good but hard
Posted by Rhys Davies 18th November, 2002

anyone finished it yet? :) if so tell me what you thought of my first ever game from way back in 1998
Posted by M Willich 27th October, 2003

'think I found a broken link on this dl...





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