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Review: Plasma
Author: Izzerg
Added: 19/10/2002

O.k. I will try to make this sound alot less painful than it is. Fisrt it uses the copy-righted logo of "Game-Boy", this is not a game-boy game! Secondly it gives you no clue whatsoever what to do unless you read the readme, which is badly formated, may I say. Thirdly it gets VERY tiring VERY fast, not because it isn't original, but for the following resons:
1. The back-drop would make any person vomit, it's worse than the 3D shooter, Time-Splitters
2. You have to jump on these blocks that look like crap-holes being flushed, most of the time with pie-shaped objects that make you bounce REALLY high.
3. The exit shouldn't appear until after you collect all of the little diamond things.
I really don't like this game, but to be fair, if you are stuck in a fantasy-world that has alot of greenish toned ponies, you'll like it. Also why spend time trying to beat others scores in a game like this? In my personal opinion this is something that someone shouldn't have wasted their time on! As an over-view:
The graphics look like early vetrex games
The gameplay last as long as a mento
It could make a person blind in one eye, and have a sort-of milky cover on the other, vomit.


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