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Trooper Hockey League
Author: Trooper Submitted: 23rd July, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Sport Downloads: 243

This is a simple 2 player hockey game. A fast paced game with a simple accuracy system. Overall, a small fun game to play with your friends. Feedback appreciated.

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Posted by Trooper 23rd July, 2002

I forgot to tell everyone that the link is just for downloading. If you wish to visit my site go to
Posted by Asholay 23rd July, 2002

Good game- I like it.
Posted by T.U.G.A. 23rd July, 2002

Chris, just cause you got nobody to play with doesnt mean you give the game a 5!!! Learn to review a game!!! (Im turning into Ace_Spark)
Posted by T.U.G.A. 23rd July, 2002

you didnt look at the good points, bad points, gfx, sfx, NOT ANYTHING!!! AND JUST CAUSE NO A.I., YOU GIVE IT A 5???!!!
Posted by Trooper 23rd July, 2002

Thanks guys, and to Chris Rage: 1) one sentence isnt a review =P. 2) It was meant to be just 2 player. Please give a review based on that fact.
Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 24th July, 2002

Well chris has a point I guess. Still a pathetic review though.
Posted by Zip 24th July, 2002

cute gfx :)
Posted by Zip 24th July, 2002

cute gfx :)
Posted by Rikus 24th July, 2002

There ya have it, a neato review from the review zone for your game:)
Posted by Georgie 24th July, 2002

Someone gave you a bad review because they downloaded a 2 player game and didn't have someone to play with? Thats a moron for you. Same thing happened for me :P
Posted by Trooper 24th July, 2002

Thanks again to everyone especially Rikus :) Now I want to build the new improved hockey game! But I will finish my other project first :p
Posted by Chaos 24th July, 2002

Boo Hoo I Love You
Posted by Trooper 24th July, 2002

Lol. First I get a 5/10 and now I get 2 10/10's. Either these people are crazy :P or they don't know what they are doing... I think its both!
Posted by Dan 25th July, 2002

*poke* hehehe, finaly got signed up here. Way to go troopstah : )
Posted by bigdave 25th October, 2002

This game is amazing, nice work
Posted by bigdave 27th October, 2002

great game. Could you put a .gam file of it up? I don't want to blag that it's mine, i just want to see how you did it






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