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Author: Trooper Submitted: 29th August, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 105
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This is a quick little puzzle game I made and I'm actually quite pleased with it. The controls are better than my other game "toy soldier's" if you're worried

Basically, you are a mouse trying to get all the fruit and cheese on the screen. You start off by placing the mouse on a blue start arrow, and then place the pipes and arrows (using each one a maximum of once per round) to direct the mouse to eat as much fruit(5pts)/cheese(25pts) as possible. Then click start and watch the mouse go! You start out with 10 lives and for each fruit you miss each round, you lose a life. See the screenshot for a better understanding of the game and the in-game help frames for more details.

[music taken from bubble bobble in case you were wondering ]

hope you all have fun! no more games from me for a while as I will be going to finish up my undergraduate degree and moving on to my masters.

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Posted by Hempuli 30th August, 2006

classic... But this is actually good!
Posted by Moonyjacob 30th August, 2006

good game..but got boaring when i got to level 7 so i stopped playing it.. good game though thumbs up!
Posted by Tim 30th August, 2006

I dunno.. it LOOKS really good but I'm thinking its just another pipedream?

I'll give it thumbs up for the graphics and for what Hempuli said.. lol
Posted by 30th August, 2006

Great puzzle game, dude! ^-^
Posted by Trooper 30th August, 2006

thanks people

@Tim: why dont you just dl it and try, its only ~350kb lol
Posted by Tim 30th August, 2006

.. *is pursuaded*
Posted by ben mercer 31st August, 2006

This a very well done neat little puzzle game. Thumbs up!

Posted by ben mercer 31st August, 2006

Good luck for your degree
Posted by Werbad 31st August, 2006

Quit a good game actually...
The only problem i found was a small graphical glitch when the mouse passes through a pipe and that the tile your holding isn't at the top (placed tiles is ontop of it)
Posted by Trooper 31st August, 2006

thanks ben and werbad.

i see the graphical glitch now. doh!
Posted by 4th September, 2006

Wasnt there a simaller game released for the NES ages ago called "Pipe Dream"?

Anyways, it's still a great game, thumbs up!





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