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Whoa, Equin: The Lantern (demo) by Del Duio
News posted 28th August, 2014 by ..::hagar::.. 2 Comments
Del Duio has updated his game Equin: The Lantern, and has been kind enough to give us a damn fun demo to try it out with before we buy. It is a rogue like game, made with our good old friend MMF.

A really good game, check it dudes! Click here to download and comment on Equin: The Lantern (demo).

In Del Duio's own words:

"A young Xtoli adventurer learns of a mysterious dungeon near town ruled by an even more mysterious magic lantern. The lantern changes colors, but what does it actually DO? Take control of either Warrior, Thief, or Wizard and gain levels, stats, and mad treasure as you descend the dungeon's 50 floors to find out."

You have 15 floors to try out in the demo, with no restrictions. So get downloading already!!!

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Zodiac Attack 2014 Results!
News posted 28th August, 2014 by ..::hagar::.. 3 Comments
Well ladies and gentlemen. The most bodacious TDC member SMR has run the most triumphant Zodiac Attack competition and the results of which definitely deserve to go on the front page!

On another note, if you missed old man Hagar's non-sensical ramblings, count yourself lucky (you poor things!), as I am now out of retirement!

In first place is ONE MAN ARMY GAMES with his game, THE ZODIAC CHASE. He won $50 in video games for his awesome work! Click here to download THE ZODIAC CHASE.

Second place and $25 worth of video games goes to INTROVERSITY, for LEO OF THE ZODIAC. Awesome stuff! Click here to download LEO OF THE ZODIAC.

Lastly, third place and $10 worth of video games goes to LordHannu, for ZODIAC SPACE ATTACK. NICE! Click here to download ZODIAC SPACE ATTACK.

For more information and to comment on the competition, check out the forum thread.

Peas and love, peas and love!

Enter The Buswick 2014!
News posted 4th August, 2014 by Jon Lambert 1 Comment

Some things come but once a year. Birthdays, tax returns, potato chip flavor suggestion contests, and anniversaries come to mind. Speaking of anniversaries, OldManClayton is celebrating the anniversary of the first annual Buswick with another Buswick!

Prepare for The Buswick: 2014! This year, the month-long competition started on August 1st, and offers "the elements" as the theme. Up for grabs are not one, not even two, but three(!) $100 prizes, each given for being either the most ingenious, the most beautiful, or the most entertaining. Don't miss out on these incredible prizes!

Check out the Buswick here!

DTV, or as I like to call it HoogHaar sokobon
News posted 29th July, 2014 by ..::hagar::.. Post A Comment
Long time clicker Jenswa has recently uploaded a HTML5 sokobon clone, featuring the ever memorable HoogHaar/HighHair. Awesome stuff, but needs more beer!

Be sure to check it out here

New project update: Zodiac space attack
News posted 24th May, 2014 by Rikus Post A Comment
The Zodiac Compo has just got itself another great entry! The game is called: Zodiac Space Attack and it is in fact a space shooter!

The game is being created by LordHannu and it is looking to be another top contender. This compo just heated itself up.... In Space!

Click here to check out the project page with much more info!

And remember you can still enter this compo and win some great prizes!

New Game: Little Walker
News posted 24th May, 2014 by Rikus Post A Comment
Little Walker is a fun platform game created by Blake Fix with some cool twists and turns that will keep you going for a long time!

Click here to download this game

New project update: The Zodiac Chase
News posted 18th May, 2014 by Rikus Post A Comment
The Zodiac Compo is already bringing in some great entries including: The Zodiac Chase created by One Man Army Games

A new picture was just released from one of the boss fights and it already looks amazing!

Some details from One Man Army Games: The boss shown is the cyclops boss from the first stage. His eye will be his weak point (obviously.) In order to avoid taking damage you have to time your jumps correctly.

Click here to check out the project page with much more info!

And remember you can still enter this compo and win some great prizes!

Twisted Tower is Alive!!
News posted 16th May, 2014 by Rikus Post A Comment
HitManN has finally started to work again on his great new game called: Twisted Tower The game is looking amazing, and hopefully he will continue to work on it!

HitMann told us that: I'm not dead, Twisted Tower is not dead either, and I have plans and the means to continue development. Here's hoping my motivation stays strong enough to get chapter 1 to where it was meant to go. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks and months!

Click here to check out the project page with more info and videos!

If you are working on a game or made one be sure to let us know about it!

News: Heart Forth, Alicia is a hit!
News posted 13th May, 2014 by Liquixcat 4 Comments
Alonso Martin's Kickstarter for his game Heart Forth, Alicia has hit $194,250 at this time of writing. Which is, incredible.

I just want to remind everyone here that this isn't because he's a special Human with special powers. He was a Man with a vision and he put a lot of hard work and dedication into it. There is no reason this can't be you, you right there, reading this. Yes, you!

I highly recommend checking out this Kickstarter and supporting this effort. If he hits his stretch goal of $245K we get to play his game on Nintendo DS!

Click here to visit the Heart Forth, Alicia Kickstarter page.

Update Zodiac compo, now with cool $$Money$$ prizes!!
News posted 12th May, 2014 by Rikus 4 Comments
Wow The Zodiac Compo is stepping up its game folks! S-M-R is investing in some prizes provided by himself and they are awesome! Have a look at this post from S-M-R:

I've decided to invest some actual money in prizes this time around. I know how people can become more interested should they actually have a chance to bring home something instead of just a pat on the back.

Current Prizes Are: 1st Place winner: US$50 "gift certificate" (as in, the winner picks items up to a US$50 value) for one of either,,, or 2nd Place winner: US$25 "gift certificate" 3rd Place winner: US$10 "gift certificate"

The top-scoring winner will still receive a zodiac-themed prize from me in addition to the above prizes. ...So let's see some games, folks!

Click here to visit the compo page to enter!

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