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Review: That Night Before (Archive Collection)
Author: Seph
Added: 08/08/2002

Yes, amateur adventure games are rare, that's why every one of them that is made is a treat, and TNB is a BIG treat, folks.

It's not an origional story at first (all storys start out unorigional at first) but it progresses into a very interesting plot that make you just want to carry on, even if you want to give up on a puzzle. You can't stop, basically, and you just don't wanna give up. The fact that this series is in parts is also another thing to mention. When you finish the last part made, you just can't wait until the next part is finished, which is why Scurvy made the excellent demo of Act 4.

Anything bad? The music is ripped from other places, and is not made by Scurvy himself. I can't complain, because the earlier adventure games I made used unorigional music, but it is always a slight downer. But, the music is well chosen, which pushes things up again!

This is a MUST download, people. If you havn't done so yet, download it NOW!


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