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Review: That Night Before (Archive Collection)
Author: Joshtek
Added: 21/05/2002

A really fun games with a pretty good engine,
Total recomendation!
Slightly Difficult but very fun (especially the little extras you don't notice the first time round..I say no more.), As you may know it is a Point and Click adventure, and has a fewmoving around bugs in the early versions, but wholehearted humour and amazing graphics sure make up for the terrible storyline...wait that wasn't right - it has a great storyline and I wanna know what happens, maybe it needs more music, but thats just me being mad again. Anyone to not like this is like a Clicker who doesnt like the Daily Click...MAAAD!

The intro is beter than most, I wont say why cos ull have to watch it - but it is good for introducing you to the graphical style etc, The user interface could be explained at some point but I figuired it out easy enough (so did most people I presume) and it didn't seem to be made quickly, very well presented.

It does have some secrets but nothing is unlocked when you complete it, some extras should apear only the second time round and maybe a few more hints for easter eggs when you complete it - saying tht I did play it again so the storyline and graphics must have convinced me while I was waiting for the sequels.
I want more bonus stuff when you complete it, and even more secrets all-round - And some more puzzles (Like number combos etc) which in my oppnion are very rewarding when you complete!



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