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Review: Destruction Zone 2 Ver 1.1 (Bugs Fixed!!!)
Author: Crono
Added: 22/07/2002

Destruction Zone 2 Ver 1.1

Gameplay:It almost the same as the other game, except you do missions that are all sorta the same except with sometimes something extra. its sorta boring tho, since you just need to pretty much get the crates then just keep hittin shift.

Presentation: Well the graphics are better then the other but still pretty bad. All he did was add some sorta gradiet shading.

Lastabilty:Not very long, depends how much u like to play the game tho. The online mode isn't really good. I doubt it will ever be used over 2 times.

Overallointless shooting a helpless targets, sounds fun but its not as good as it sounds.


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