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Review: Destruction Zone 2 Ver 1.1 (Bugs Fixed!!!)
Author: T.U.G.A.
Added: 20/07/2002

Im just gonna add my review from yesterdays destruction zone

GamePlay: well, its got missions, and free play mode. It gets repetative after lets say 35 min. and it really doent have that much replay value. You get some cool weapons and you just kill all the people, slightly entertaining. And some of the missions are like "kill this many people" which is boring.But the on-line play sounds kinda cool,I havent tried it yet. I liked how it came with DZ 1 too.

Presentation: lets talk graphics. They are a little better than the first destruction zone (which sucked). really, the gfx are amature, but I can live with them.

Lastability: Hmm, as I said before, not alot. 45 min tops, but on-line mode might last a little longer cause youve got a buddy to play with. Worth the download? maybe, if you like arena type games.


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