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Review: Factor X
Author: The Chris Street
Added: 19/05/2002


Factor X, by FA, is over a year old. But it's technically impressive, and although there are doubts as to whether this is better than Destruction Carnival or not, it plays a pretty mean game. It's also extremely gory, and Im not totally sure this is necessary, as it gets harder and harder to see those well drawn backdrop "arenas" you fight in.

Essentially you control Rayne, who must go back and forth in time and eliminate the threats there. The story is kind of complicated, but well written, and there is a tonne of extra stuff to uncover...such as three hidden minigames, and cool saucy poses of Rayne...and you would be wondering if Beau was being artistic or perverted by drawing Rayne in fine detail topless...but anyway.

This plays very similarly to DC, except there are lots more weapons for you to try out. All of them are pretty cool, and the controls are fluid and smooth. The action gets very hectic at times, and extremely challenging. The bosses are works of genious. Well designed and rock hard to the core, you'll have a lot of trouble beating these beauts.

Presentation and Lastability
Again, pretty good, although the title page kinda seems a bit tacky to me, like it was rushed at the last minute. Its not a problem though, and there are several options at the main menu, all cool, some extremely hard. It'll take a while to finish the game, unless you downloaded the version with cheats in...

I'd like to give this game a solid 8.


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