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Factor X
Author: Beau[FA] Submitted: 11th February, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 688

Factor X is what resulted after the vision to have "the most violent click game ever." It certainly evolved a good deal from that version. Factor X is a massive compilation of a 23 level story mode with 4 bosses and 3 bonus levels, an arcade mode where you compete for highscores and collect "FX" icons, as well as 3 secret modes of gameplay. Each of the secret modes is large enough to be a game themselves. The music is an excellent selection of MOD files and the graphics are all original. The gameplay is similar to the amazing classic Destruction Carnival, but Factor X has significantly revamped the classic. 10 normal weapons and 3 more secret ones as well as 5 normal enemies to battle. You will not be disappointed by this modern classic.

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Posted by The Chris Street 19th May, 2002

Quality review that, Jay...
Posted by Tockus 20th May, 2002

i have this game. what is the 'closet' mode?
Posted by DBack 9th September, 2002

That's interesting, only 48 downloads...
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 9th May, 2003

This game is REALLY underexposed, that's sad because alot went into this game.
Posted by Pkeod 15th September, 2003

Posted by Penguin Seph 10th June, 2004

Posted by Palidinrocker 22nd June, 2004

Yeah, uh download this game. It's good.
Posted by 11th September, 2004

Is this the "Factor x", if it is then in my opinion it is NOT worth to download. Ou sure it has many weapons, but at the same time it has: unbelievable bad level design, bad & buggy bosses, weapon's effects are poor and etc. -Don't love this game-
Posted by Mkingy 11th September, 2004

iglu86, you are crazy, go jump of a cliff.
Posted by Kirby Smith 11th September, 2004

Honestly man, how can you sleep at night giving it a 1/10 for graphics. Sure, it's no Eternal Daughter, but it certainly looks better than the majority of games submitted to the site -- including your own.
Posted by RapidFlash 11th September, 2004

Igual86, part of the reason the graphics appear so blocky is because it's resized to fit your screen.
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 11th September, 2004

Reading your review, Igual86, you mention there's not enough blood in this game. Are you OK? There's more blood and gore in this game than any Klik game I can think of. Weapons not destructive enough? Have you played to the point of picking up an explosive weapon? Have you even shot anyone in this game yet? Bosses not beatable? Are you using the strafe function, or just standing in one spot and shooting them? And how can you possibly give this a graphics score of 1/10? They aren't the best, but it's definately not bottom of the barrel stuff. I think you should take off your blind man's glasses and play the game again, and at least go further than the main menu this time. You're entitled to your own opinion, but at least make sure that your opinion doesn't conflict with the truth. Don't quit your day job to become a reviewer.
Posted by 12th September, 2004

Ou Really ???. Haven't seen that one coming... - Still disliking this game... - (and that is simply and purely my view of this game.) PS. If you think that this game is "bloody". Go and play this classic -> Carmageddon.
Posted by 12th September, 2004

or Postal 2 and then we ALL can think this game from a new viewpoint. :p
Posted by Dr. James MD 13th September, 2004

obviously Iglu86 your opinion is wrong i think this is more of a tribute to Destruction Carnival than anything else
Posted by SoftWarewolf 15th September, 2004

this game is FAR more bloody than postal 2 by the end of any level the entire field is smeared with blood and gore, if anything this is TO bloody this is great game. i dont care that much about graphics but i havent noticed anything bad with it exept few animation directions and the lastability is great, tons of levels many bosses and above all bonus games. so i agree that iglu can definitly go jump of a cliff
Posted by Sage 21st September, 2004

Well I think this game sucks more ass than any game ever created. (except for the Billy Bob games)
Posted by Nothing, Ok? 11th October, 2005

I think there is something wrong with the zipfile.
Posted by Whippers With 13th May, 2006

I haven't been into klikking for like... two-three years, I think. And suddenly, I started thinking about Factor X, a game which I totally adored when I first played it a looong time ago. While it wasn't juuust as great as I hade remembered it, it still rocks, and is better than like 99 % of the Klik-games created.

What impresses me most is the music, followed by the graphics. Gameplay is awesome, too, although it could be refined a little I guess. (Took me ages to find the bloody game, 'cause most links to it is broken )





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