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Review: Welcome to Bullet Hell
Author: BigAl0104
Added: 15/02/2020 00:25:59

The presentation is excellent. I like how you can interact with the text underneath the title and it changes to different texts. Very nice touch. I also really liked the random level generator, which is something I can't even do. I also liked how the you get limited visibility on the higher difficulties in order to make the game harder than it already is. More on that in a bit...

The gameplay is good and self explanatory. Just run around the map and shoot the bad guys. What makes it fun is that it becomes more intense as you kill more bad guys, and that's where I will deliver my number one problem, it's REALLY difficult, even on the easiest difficulty. Enemies keep on firing their guns, leaving you barely enough room to shoot at them, and you lose health quickly. I haven't really tried the game on a higher difficulty, but I bet I'll have a hard time playing. Maybe I just suck at games, I dunno. :P But anyway, gameplay is good, but just a bit too difficult.

The graphics are great. The sprites are really well done, and I love the detail that you put in where parts of the walls get blown off when you throw the grenades.

The sound effects and music are all excellent and fit the mood and atmosphere really well. Nothing bad to say about them.

The lastability is excellent. Since it's an arcade style game, you can keep playing it over and over again in order to get better at it.

Overall, Welcome to Bullet Hell is great. Not bad for your first game, you actually put a lot of effort into this one. Sure the game is difficult, but I guess it's all about just gitting gud at it. :P Good work, hellzy! :D

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