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Welcome to Bullet Hell
Author: imnothellzy Submitted: 14th November, 2018 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 2

Edited By imnothellzy on 14/11/2018

Welcome to Bullet Hell (not actual bullet hell) is a top-down shooter with zero lore whatsover. All you need to worry about is the surrounding enemies trying to take your life away from Hell (though it doesn't make much sense if you think about it).


*Simplistic gameplay. The controls are easy to learn but hard to master, creating a level of depth.

*Unlimited ammo. Unlimited ammo, unlimited fun.

*The timeless duo. In Hell, an SMG and a shotgun are your best friends.

*Variety of enemies. Ranging from your average grunt to a shield-wielding giant that doesn't even touch the shield.

*Random levels. Levels generate randomly to create a fresh experience every time you play..

*Difficulties. You can either play this with bandages around your fingers or if you want the ultimate masochism fuel, you've come to the right place.

*Screenshake. Lots of screenshake.

*[F]xecute. A mechanic that allows you to finish low health Grunts and heal for some HP, the more health you're missing the more it heals. Health regeneration is not a thing.

*Blank. Wiping away ALL enemy projectiles on the screen has never been so easy with a simple right click.

*NukEdition. When you want a more explosive approach to the game. This gamemode is accessible by pressing N at the title screen.

*Toilet humor.

This is one of my first projects I made for fun. If you enjoyed WTBH, consider rating the game. If you don't, it's OK.

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