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Review: Stick Defend
Author: ComradKali
Added: 10/01/2020 09:20:44

I like the animations and transitions. I can appreciate the effort put in for a second long animation between menus.

Despite having no tutorial, its pretty easy to pick up. All the units are pretty easy to understand, and the short levels keep the games from lasting too long. But it does fall into a repetitive loop, at a certain point all you have to do is press one button every couple of seconds to win. The levels dont have much in between than other than a tougher unit, and I haven't been able to get the shop to work so you dont have anything other than your starting units and the inevitable deadlock.

Everything looks simplistic, and that it could be done in MS paint. But I prefer it being simple rather than having too much on the screen.

Doesnt have any music, but the sound effects when you kill an enemy or click a button makes the game feel responsive and more chaotic (a good thing.)

Unfortunately not much changes between levels, and the inevitable deadlock once you've got the max amount of units makes it not as great the second time around. I really wish I could get into the shop, but I haven't been able to when I click on it

I really like a simplistic and short

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