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Review: UpperPuzzle
Author: Yai7
Added: 13/07/2019 16:27:03

What happens when you mold two different games over the same subject.
One, is a B+ level Game based on Little Big Adventure
And the other is Rush Hour and. The in between the two is watered version of the game I ever been wanted to do!

Gameplay is simple, Nothing much to talk about in relation to klik games, It is mostly about solving puzzles, pushing blocks, advancing next levels, figuring each time how to solve different ways to reach it's top. You have 12 levels and the point is to climb the tower by moving the rounded blocks to points in the fieild, use keys and the such... Always figure something that is hidden. I never passed level two.

This what makes it special. As you see, just because someone is a newcomer or seems unskilled it doesn't say it cannot lend a composition I only envey that I could back than do with my program. As I threw my computer away, it landed an oportunity for others to change the echologic system in to enhance a different feel to former games, Mine, Toby's... And DotEmu's original's NastyMan is based off.

When it comes to sounds, I wasn't been able to use the computer on the asylum to give the author a score in that category!

That is sure while it is a game with a various lastability, as one can play it in the mad man's hospital without having any sound and yet, it will have when you come home which is a thing that length the playtrough twice. Also, When you quit consuming medicine, your skill levels might raise and you will be able to claim strength over the various stages... My intuition is that I cannot ever finish all 12 levels but yes

You can all laugh at yourself that an insane mad man is writing this down in a computer in an area of limitation. Therefore, 12 Levels isn't true for what it is... Please laugh at me alltogether, Silly ars NastyMan. How can you say there is 12 and not more... Are you a medium? Is your intuition and guts tells you? Well, Foolish... You are wrong. Go phail at Kirby's Adventure having the game mocking on you when you lose 1UP the same we do so. I envy the maker of this game as when I was a starter I wasn't be able to come up with a clean-ness level close to this. I. Love this game.

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