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Review: UpperPuzzle
Author: MonadoBoy64
Added: 27/05/2019 03:31:51

The presentation was okay. I really loved the title screen. But I didn't like how the Hi-Score Screen was so bland and default looking.

The gameplay was awful. It was just moving a box to get a key to unlock the elevator to move to the next level. The gameplay was way to easy, it had no challenge and it wasn't engaging. With the gameplay of the game. I wish it had the player solve puzzles to advance to the next level not just move a box to grab a key to advance to the next level. I also wished the Hi-Scores you get at the end were saved.

The graphics are really good. I especially love the walking animation of the player character. But again still didn't like the look of the Hi-Score Screen.

The sound/music is awesome. I love it!

The lastability is absolute crap. There are only three levels and it takes around 2-5 minutes to beat the game. The high score system doesn't really help because with the Hi-Scores not being saved and also eventually you won't be able to surpass your high score.

Overall UpperPuzzle is meh. The Sound/Music is awesome, the graphics are good, the presentation is okay, the gameplay is awful and the lastability is absolute crap. It's understandable that your first game isn't that good. Don't worry about it just learn from your mistakes and make a better game next time whoopz64! Good work whoopz64!

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Posted by whoopz64 27th May, 2019

Thanks on the review!, I'll work on improving the gameplay and lastability of my next games The High Score screen was a last time addition to the game and I have to admit it's extremely bland, but I will make a way better one for my next game!
Posted by MonadoBoy64 28th May, 2019

Okay, can't wait for your next game!


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