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Review: Happy Town
Author: BigAl0104
Added: 24/06/2019 16:49:55

The presentation was excellent! I loved how everything was well organized and polished. Even the bouncing animation that the buttons do on the title screen I thought was kind of cute.

The gameplay was great! It was a very simple puzzle game that really tested your brain to figure out where to put the buildings in order to get the happiness that you need to progress. While it was fun, it also felt a bit repetitive. Mainly because of the fact that there were only 6 buildings in total and I wish there were more to add more variety to the game and to make it more interesting and challenging. Despite that, it was really fun!

The graphics looked amazing! Everything was very well detailed and it definitely seems like a lot of care went into making them. Nothing bad to say about them.

The sound effects were pretty good and never became annoying. While for the music, there was only one music track in the entire game, but it was really good, relaxing and very... spacey-like...? (If that makes any sense. :P) And I loved it!

The lastibility was ok. It was a really short experience that only took 30-40 minutes to complete, and I wish it was longer than that, but hey, it's your first game, so gotta start somewhere.

Overall, this game was great! While it didn't last very long, I still had a blast playing it and I hope you can make a sequel to this because I would love to play it. Keep up the good work, SheepStudios! ;)

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