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Review: Happy Town
Author: MonadoBoy64
Added: 20/06/2019 20:32:18

The presentation was perfect. It looked like a professional game and I love how you adjust things like music and sound effects in the game.

The gameplay is awesome. I love the gameplay a lot but I wish there were a bit more buildings but the buildings that are there is good enough. And I also wish there was a bit more difficulty in the complex levels.

The graphics are beautiful and I love it. But I do wish the background had variety instead of just a starry background for all the levels. With the buildings of the game, there should have been sky, sunset and sunrise backgrounds in the game.

The Sound/Music is awesome. I especially love the music. There was only one piece of music and wish there was more music but it was an amazing piece of music.

The lastability is okay. The game lasted for around 30-45 minutes, which is a decent length. But the thing that downs the lastability of Happy Town is that once you beat the game there's pretty much no replayability to Happy Town because once you've solved all the levels and know how to do them. And that makes it be no replayability.

Overall HappyTown is awesome. The presentation is perfect, the gameplay, graphics and sound/music is awesome, and the lastability is okay. HappyTown is awesome Sheep Studio please a sequel to HappyTown that is bigger and better than the first or make a new game. Either one I'll like. Keep up the good work SheepStudios!

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