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Review: The Wizard RPG
Author: MonadoBoy64
Added: 06/03/2019 02:34:51

The Presentation was meh. The Slime Productions intro was awesome and the UI was good. However I didn't like how The Wizard RPG was displayed at a small resolution. I didn't like it because it was annoying to play in, I know you can enlarge the screen (Which I did) but it made the graphics look worst. So I wish the game was displayed at a large resolution. I also did like the dialogue in the game but I didn't like how it was presented in this orange weird looking box, which I didn't like. One final thing I didn't like is that the game had RPG in the name, I don't like that because I though that the game was going to be a RPG but when I played it, I saw it wasn't an RPG. Why???? Why would you put the name RPG in the name of the game when isn't not an RPG!

The gameplay was okay, I did like the moving and shooting gameplay. But eventually it kinda got repetitive. I didn't how the bosses in the all the areas beside the final area were the same boss. And I wish there were different bosses regarding the weather and type of area. Like in the ice area, have an ice boss. I did like the amulets that upgraded your health and your magic. I also didn't like how easy the final boss was and I also didn't like how hard it was to dodge the fire balls for the bosses in the bosses in the areas and I didn't like how when you get hit by the fireballs from the bosses in the area. It stop your movement, which I didn't like.

The graphics were good besides a couple of objects not looking good but it's a nice change of paste from your 3D looking graphics MPP!

The Sound and Music is awesome and I love it. Except for the pauses at the end of the music.

That lastability isn't great because the game only lasts roughly 25-45 minutes and there's not much replay value in the game.

Overall The Wizard RPG is below average. The sound/music is awesome, the graphics are good, the gameplay is okay, the presentation is bad and the lastability is pretty bad. I just don't understand why would include RPG in the name of a game that isn't an RPG. The MPP that's false advertising! I also no offense, I kinda getting tired of you making games based the games of Scott Cawthon. I know you are a big fan Scott Cawthon but can please make something original for once please... But anyways I'm looking forward to the sequel of The Wizard RPG!

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