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Review: The Wizard RPG
Author: jimbink
Added: 05/03/2019 18:13:25

the presentation was quite decent

i really enjoyed the simple run and gun gameplay and i really felt more powerfull the more amulets i collected and the enemy variety was really nice, however i wish the combat had a bit more depth instead of just 1 standard magic attack

i enjoyed the very simple cartoony graphics altough i do wish the trees would kind of overlap with eachoter, also i found the grass backdrop kind of an eyesore too look at after a while but overall the graphics where quite charming

while the music wasnt annoying it also wasnt really something special and i dont think i will remember most of the soundtrack also im pretty sure the death theme is the ghaster theme from undertale. i dont really have any critizism for the sound effects.

eventough the first playtrough was fun i dont think i will return too the game since the game lacks any form of randomness and mastering the gameplay mostly involves just learning too dodge projectiles.

i enjoyed my time with this game while it lasted but i dont think i will return too this game very quickly altough if a sequel is released which improves upon the foundation this game has build i would definetly download it. my personal advice: add something too add to the combat like different magic elements or more spells also add a bit of randomness or some slightly hard too master mechanics into the game

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