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Review: Don't Look Down!
Author: The MPP
Added: 08/11/2017 14:18:34

Presentation: This game presents it self fairly well . Title screen was cool and looked interesting.

Gameplay: The game play was really cool! The tower isn't 3D for a fancy effect, it is 3D because THAT'S THE GAMEPLAY. You have to jump around it and picking up objects. Talking about the objects, they were cool but the -1 seconds were placed a little too much. But the game is way the hard. I sometimes died while playing the victory animation.

Graphics: The graphics were great. Like I said earlier, the tower really IS the gameplay. But sometimes the shadows messed up a bit. The counters looked awesome, I wonder how Philip made them... But... the sky looks boring, a gradient backdrop would have been a lot better.

Sound/Music: The music great but got a little annoying after awhile. And the sounds... well... I couldn't hear any.

Lastability: Not very high, the game just gets frustrating after a while.

Overall: This is a fun little game. But it's way too hard. If you like rage games, this is the game for you. But for me, it's a little too hard.

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