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Review: Don't Look Down!
Author: AndyUK
Added: 29/09/2008

There are three folders to chose from, each marked clearly. The open source version has no comments explain whats going on. Which isn't good if you don't like trawling through other people's code.

The game itself starts off with a jolly cartoon image and dramatic music to suit. Actually the title screen shows you what you'll be doing if you make a mistake lol.

having to click on the level name to start the game is a bit silly though.

Gameplay is very simple, you basically have to touch the end of level flag in the time limit. The time limits are pretty strict, but the levels are also fairly simple too so you wont struggle on any level for too long. There are collectibles that add to your time too. The engine seems to be a very basic custom with HUGE sink into the ground syndrome, which slows you down ever so slightly. But its not a problem. It doesn't stop you for long since your acceleration is almost instant.

The 3d tower affect looks fantastic. The stone blocks you use for platforms look very much like actual 3d object too. There is no variation however between levels and it's all a bit dull after a while. The main character doesn't really fit in with the rest of the graphics. Also I can't work out why the main character bleeds from the head every time he dies... Anyway the graphics are by far the best part of the game.

There is a little tune that plays through out the game but no sound effects. It's a fairly nice tune though.

It could last you a while if you struggle on the later levels. It's simple enough to keep coming back too when you're bored. But as with most free ware games you'll most likely forget about it and find something else.

A decent little game thrown together to show off a very nice effect. Does just about enough to keep you interested until the end but not everyone with play it when they're done.

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