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Review: House of the Boué
Author: Max
Added: 15/05/2002

These Boué games are just like those jack-in-the-boxes, you never know what's lying in these, and the people making these games seem to be making games of a different style every time. And that's far to be a bad thing.


The puzzle concept of this game is fun, although it's a bit easy. The challenge however lies in getting all gold coins in the level, and it's not necessarly obvious at times. The scythes needed to clear the off-track zombies are located far off the track. Never beat up these zombies guarding these tempting coins unless you know what's lurking ahead of the level, otherwise you are likely to mess up and start again. There's a half-serious glitch in the game though: you can freely walk through the electric fields in the first level where you see them (it is the 4th level I beleive, makers of this game take notice) but apart from that, I didn't spotted any problems within the game. Good job in overall.


Umm, how does amazing grab you? This game is utterly amazing, graphically and musically. The levels are nicely decorated and really feel alive. The MOD soundtrack is groovy, too.


The game is however WAY too short. A ride through this game will only take some minutes to accomplish, but you won't want to quit 'till you find every gold coin in the game. Trust me.


The Boué Team once again striked with a neato-keen game! I can't hence much negative remarks about the job they've done on the game, except that a couple of other levels and new obstacles wouldn't have hurt the game at all. It's just too short, but remains good nonetheless. It is a great game which deserve a play through.


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