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Review: House of the Boué
Author: Stian B.
Added: 15/05/2002

Kill the evil skull people !
Find enough scythes which makes you able to vanish them.Its fun a while,but get a little bit boring after some tries.But its still on my hard drive
That i find annoying is the french text.I know its a french game,but i think it would be better if it was english (world language )
The info and when i completed the first boss,there were some text i did not quite understand.But i think it was cause you need to collect some more coins than me (66).
Its no scythe counter at first level.Why not a coin counter?And a lifebar at the first boss?
The graphics are well made!First boss,i liked.
Overall,its a good game,and i recommend it for a try!


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