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Review: Survivor: The Living Dead
Author: Gnor!
Added: 14/09/2010

Clean website for download.

Awesome Menus from the time you run the application.

The How to Play section is informative, fun and clear.

The backgrounds actually change as your progress through the game reminding you that you are kicking arse.

Gameplay is very fun, not only are you put in near death situations all the time but you really get to feel proud of taking our a big group of these lame brains! Try playing this game with a group of friends around! In my experience having everyone excited and watching with full attention for you to make a mistake creates an awesome atmosphere for this type of game. Good chance to learn your friends train of thought in life or death situations :P The controls may seem rough at first but is very easy to get used to. The level design and all around physics are solid. A few rounds and you will become a zombie killing machine. The rewards are awesome as well, providing you with new challenges and weaponry for your next round! some of them are tricky to get and well worth the time spent! I would highly suggest turning on Special Zombies once given the option, Though rare to encounter they really do add a different less predictable element to the game. (maybe we can get an up'd rate of these dudes?) The game is set up in 7, 12 and 14 minute modes allowing you to use your rewards in the 12/14 and basically training you for Story mode, which is awesome. I gave it a 10 for gameplay because I can play this game for hours! and want to come back for more

Hand-drawn artwork all the way all zombie models, backgrounds, menus, ui, all look great! I especially like the score screen! Story mode has some really nice portrait work

I have not played a game with such suitable music in a very very.... very! long time! Thank you! this games music fits perfect, its almost unexpected and sends goosebumps all over at times. Menu/Rewards music is awesome and was a great choice. kudos on the ending credits track!

This game could create a great fan base for future games, I believe that's what the author was really going for. Just a taste of whats to come! I cant wait

This game blew me away I know it was a lot of work and it shows. Once the update is sent out I think most issues players have had (typically controls) will cause more fans to pour in. Im defiantly gonna keep telling everyone I know to play! Whoever is reading this give it a try and pass it along :)

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