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Survivor: The Living Dead
Author: Pyroklastic Submitted: 28th August, 2010 Favourites:11
Genre: Action Downloads: 725
52nd Place     (4.53 / 5)

Edited By Pyroklastic on 9/2/2010

So zombies are returning from the grave. What are you going to do, just stand there and let them eat you? Heck no!

This game is my attempt at taking that "trapped in a house zombie defense" situation and turning it into an interactive experience.

After witnessing her brothers murder Amber ( our protagonist ) flees the attacker and heads into the woods only to discover an abandoned house. Once inside the house she realizes the creature in the woods was not alone, in fact her assailants are vastly growing in number by the minute. How many blood thirsty cannibals are waiting outside? How could she possibly survive this undead siege, one person totally unarmed and trapped in a house all alone? But the question really is...

How could you?

This game is a tribute to the old George Romero films, where zombies walked. And , coincidentally scared hell out of me.

Controls are like this

Press X to skip Cut Scenes.

Up,Down,Left,Right arrow keys control Amber's movements.

"Shift" Is the sprint key.

"Slash" key picks up items and performs actions.

"Period" Drops items being held.

"Comma" Makes Amber use the stairs. It also unlocks doors
you have previously locked.

If you're smart, you'll select the " Show me how " option
on the title screen menu, as it explains the controls and gameplay much better and with picture examples.

This is the first game I've ever finished, I'm positive it still has some bugs, if you come across any it would be a big help to me if you'd point them out.

And hey, if you like the game let me know.

Thanks for downloading, have fun!

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Posted by HorrendousGames 28th August, 2010
Rated :

I am so downloading this. I won't have time to play it until tonight though.
Posted by HorrendousGames 29th August, 2010
Rated :

Wow, this game was very difficult at first, then it got easy, then I ran out of ammo and it was very difficult again.

This game really has an excellent atmosphere, especially the aspect of scarcity.

Unfortunatly for me, the game really lost it's luster and mystery after you've figured out the ins and outs of it (which really isn't too much), but still, is very enjoyable to play, and I'm tempted to try to win all of those awards. I've only managed to beat 7 minute and 12 minute mode so far. I started 14 minute, but I totally botched everything that I could have (forgot to lock doors, took to long to get out to the shed, wasted almost all my ammo at 3 minutes, and threw the shotgun out the door).

One of the things that really made this difficult was that the keys we're really unorthodox, which is fine, I have no problem learning a new keys, but that led me to dick alot of things up.

The only two bugs/issues that I ran into playing the game was 1)The dresser was very difficult to stop holding onto, I think it needs to go to a certain spot, but it's a really unforgiving area that it lets you stop at, that might've been because of the key and bottles, but maybe a slightly longer area there. 2)If you're a smart ass like myself and hit Alt+Enter to go to full screen, it doesn't update in the options menu.

There are a lot of things that I would've done different in this game, but then again, there are a ton of things I wouldn't have even thought of for this.

I want to commend you for doing the genre right, people often complain about zombie games being a fad or over-rated, but really, no one's done it right yet. "A survival horror game where you actually have to survive and not progress through a crappy story or be a smash TV clone? I have no time for such nonsense."

I'm very intersted in seeing what else you've got locked up in that unfinished game storage locker of yours.
Posted by Zzynck 30th August, 2010
Rated :

Right off the bat, this game just looks and feels professional. The menus are all well laid out, and the design is concise throughout the entire game.

To add to HorrendousGames' point about atmosphere, I have to say that that music playing when a zombie enters the house, those short and creepy bursts of violins... really effective stuff! Also effective are some of the elements like the shotgun-to-the-face victim in the bedroom, the broken light... all those little details that add to the overall enjoyment and make it a very intriguing horror game.

I do have to agree with the keys being somewhat unusual to some extent, since I wasn't completely comfortable with them to start off with, but 2 minutes in and I got used to them. 2 minutes of realising the reason why I couldn't pick up the damned fire poker that would have whacked the stupid zombie that would always kill me in the beginning was because I was using the wrong slash key (\)... Oops.

Now, I'm not sure if I should mention this, maybe it should be like this, but when there's a horde of, say, 4 zombies grouped together, I wish I could get run past them and only get attacked once, rather than 4 times in a row, which usually led to, well, death. On the upside, though, you can really feel the claustrophobia in those kind of situations, in a good, this-game-really-gets-you, kind of way.

I also like how the entire string of events takes place, and how the items you find at the beginning of the level match the number of the current zombies, and how the player will gradually be able to acquire better weapons, which feels like a generous reward for brutally maiming zombies. Awesome!

Nothing to complain about in the graphics area, the animations are fluid, and the effects are well made. The house is also well designed with little details all around and the zombies are varied and gruesome, and gruesomely varied.

What else can I say? It's an innovative game that should get a lot of positive attention, due to its sheer professionalism and attention to detail as well as solid gameplay. I'd say it also has quite a bit of replay value, since I personally found it pretty darn addicting.

Great work! A well earned 5 stars for you!
Posted by HorrendousGames 30th August, 2010
Rated :

If you hold shift after you push a zombie away, it lets you do a quick dash in the direction you choose, it's probably the best idea for getting passed a large group, provided they are closer together.
Posted by s-m-r 30th August, 2010

Here's to hoping there will be a front page mention for this fantastic tribute.

Excellent work, Pyroklastic!
Posted by Marko 30th August, 2010

I agree with the above post
Posted by The Chris Street 30th August, 2010

working on it
Posted by Marko 30th August, 2010

Nice work Mr. Street
Posted by Esperware Interactive 31st August, 2010
Rated :

I do hope you patch the "no checkpoint" thing I mentioned on the project page in story mode. I tried it again and it's ridiculous to expect a player to not die at all when it takes 13 minutes to get to the 2nd level just to try again.
Posted by Gokotti 31st August, 2010

Keys are just horrible for non-american-keyboard. Can't they be on ASDF or ZXCV? Or somehow modifiable?
Posted by Pyroklastic 31st August, 2010

Hey guys, let me first say thanks.. for downloading my game, all the constructive feedback, as well as a big thanks to you Mr. Street for front page!

Secondly; the controls seem to be a big issue. Honestly I was afraid they might be ever since I picked this project up and started working on it again, the problem is when I first started this game about 4 years back, MMF only had 2 fire keys.. I'm aware now there are other ways of making the controls modifiable but back then I hadn't paid it any mind, and basically just bound every keystroke to a condition. Anyway, it'll take me a while to fix this but I'll say one thing and it's that its my problem and not yours, it annoys me that one little dork up makes the game so user un-friendly. So please bear with me for a little while, I may have to modify every condition and that could take some time.. haha.

Lastly, is the story mode having a checkpoint. I might do this, but aside from the controls the game is supposed to be very hard at times. By hard, I don't mean torture, but I believe when you achieve victory in story mode, because of it's difficulty
it should leave a very triumphant feeling behind. So I'm going keep it the way it is for now.

Posted by Gnor! 31st August, 2010
Rated :

Thank you Pyroklastic for making a very addicting game

My Girlfriend and I have been playing this game about 4 hours a day and having a great time.

-The game feels so thought out, from the time you start it. Ive completed 7min/ 12min (S Rank BABY) and 14min mode thus far, will work on Story Mode very soon. Each time I complete a session and receive my reward i actually feel rewarded! It seems like a rare quality in games these days.

Let me point out a few key points I found very exciting.

-Sniper Rifle aiming, its a great feature very quick and fun id say "mini-game" in the midst of total zombie carnage, nothing like a dead bulls-eye with a throng of zombies at your feet!

-Level Layout, each part of the house is very thorough I love reading the information box to look for new clues, creating items found around the house and learning new ways to trap and dominate my brainless opponents.

-Special Zombie mode!!!! I dont know how many people have been able to try this option out but I HIGHLY recomend it. Talk about a wrench in your gears, you think you're getting the hang of taking out your rotting friends? Try taking out super speed, highly powerful beasts of the night with almost all your killing tools batle worn. Very good rewards for your more challenging attempts following if you can take out one of these bad boys (or gals).

If one word could describe this super fun game it would have to be

Posted by Esperware Interactive 31st August, 2010
Rated :

I see your viewpoint on the "no checkpoints" but when the game forces you to play for 13 minutes before you get another attempt, it's ridiculous and asks too much of the player, if it were a shorter time span you had to wait it wouldn't be so bad but when you have to wait 13 minutes to learn the ins and outs of the next part only to die and repeat, it's not fair. The game has a design somewhat of "learn this tactic, as its the key to surviving this particular level" so it's unfair to have a memorization and exploration factor and expect your player to either do it perfectly or spend countless hours doing so when a checkpoint should be in the mix.

But it's your game and your standpoint, and it's free, so I won't bite your ear off, but I do have to say I will not be playing story mode any more because the conditions of completion are laughably ridiculous.
Posted by danjo 31st August, 2010
Rated :

looks great and sounds great, but extremely let down by a sloppy control system, which could have much easily been simplified.
the absolute less keys used in a game the better. 4 action keys = lost of all those rating stars for me...
add to that the fact you were smart enough to make the game, but couldnt even achieve a customized key layout.. just makes the key issue multiplied by 2!

Posted by Bricnic 1st September, 2010
Rated :

Fantastic game! Very well done. The art is amazing, and the gameplay addictive, challenging and fun. I found myself drawn to this game, after I got past the learning curve. And the learning curve is due to a number of annoyances mostly; everyone has already mentioned the controls, and I will give special mention to the frustration of accidentally throwing a weapon when you desperately wanted to fire it. Also annoying is accidentally firing a valuable weapon and wasting ammo. But worst of all is losing weapons altogether; outside, it is possible to throw your weapon so that it lands under the stairs (happens only sometimes), making it irretrievable. I've also found my weapons strangely disappearing, e.g. before setting off the gas explosion I usually drop my molotov to the left, but one time it disappeared after I set off the gas explosion. My poker has also disappeared, as has one of the wooden boards, in similar explosion situations, though explosions don't seem to destroy every item (at least not all the time). I don't like how the pipe bomb flies until it hits something, unlike the molotov, I was expecting it to land a short distance in front of me and not knowing this got me killed one time. There is also a bug where if you use an item (down and comma) when you are near the staircase, you both use the item and use the staircase, which leads to some interesting animation. I was expecting to be able to use the painkillers, and would have liked to know that the health kit also cures a bit of infection. It is very annoying getting infected early on (because you know you will lose), so maybe there should be a way to escape to the menu (so you can "give up")- if there was one, I sure didn't know about it, so make it more obvious please. I like that you learn things by trial and error, and as such become better at the game by learning little tricks (e.g. the skeleton zombie is vulnerable to the poker, but resistant to bullets; accidentally learning how to aim the rifle by trying to sprint with it; discovering that many weapons actually affect multiple zombies at once- even simple weapons like the poker and pistol; realising the stairs are a perfect chokepoint and even allow you to whack zombies with the poker without any fear of getting bitten). I really like that the game is unforgiving, it makes it much more intense and thrilling, and death is a real threat instead of a minor annoyance. The music and story were fantastic, and the rewards both numerous and fun to attain. The special zombies must be quite rare because I activated the option as soon as it was available, and even with probably over an hour of play I didn't see even one. I think you should disable the default pause option (Control+P, brings up an ugly standard dialog) and replace it with a custom-made pause solution that looks prettier. There are a few spelling and grammatical issues throughout the dialog (especially in the story mode) but nothing too offputting. Maybe have someone proof-read it. Something I found annoying with the faster weapons e.g. Mp5 was that zombies seemed to absorb bullets even after being dead, stopping the bullets from reaching the zombies behind them (might have been intentional), and also absorb lots of bullets if you hold fire on them (it's just as fast to kill them with short bursts, i.e. many of the bullets are doing 0 damage if you hold down the trigger). It's very difficult, clumsy and annoying to try to select the correct weapon when many are lying in a bunch, since it seems to be pretty arbitrary what you will pick up; this can be lethal if you are point blank and happen to pick up a board instead of the shotgun, for example. So maybe if you hold down the action key when nothing is in your hands, a little list of nearby items could appear, and you could hold action and press left/right to select which item you actually want, then when you release the action key it picks up the selected item. You might have made it this way on purpose though, just like all the other minor annoyances I suppose. But really, well done on this awesome game. I finished each of the major modes (7, 12, 14, story), and it felt like it took just the right amount of effort to do; it was very rewarding to play. Great replayability too, even with just two playable regions (that I know of so far at least- not sure what the "you are not prepared" reward is!)
Posted by Shiru 1st September, 2010
Rated :

Good work ! But I've a major problem... I've a QWERTZ keyboard (Switzerland) and I don't have the slash "/" near the dot "." key... Is it possible to change the controls please ?
Posted by Esperware Interactive 2nd September, 2010
Rated :

Oh, and skippable cutscenes would be a major plus.
Posted by Pyroklastic 2nd September, 2010

Hey Shiru, I'm working on it right now buddy, It may take a few days to straighten out , the keys should be customizable once I'm finished though.

Bricnic, I really enjoyed reading that review. You've got some cool ideas, I especially like the one about replacing that standard pause screen.

I thought I'd gotten rid of the bug with the weapons going through the stairs, I'll look into that again and try to sort it out.

The item loss thing, like items lost in a kitchen explosion. This is the first time I've heard of that bug, it kinda scares me. There are only two conditions in the game that destroy items, one is temporarily when she picks the items up, and the other is when the gun/poker/chainsaw/etc is empty and off of the screen. Are you sure they weren't just empty at the time they disappeared?

And lastly, the "you are not prepared" Isn't actually available yet, when I patch it in, It will be unlocked after Story Mode is complete and you've earned most of the rewards. I'm planning to release a big patch in a few days with customizable keys and the final gameplay mode. Thank you very much for downloading.

Oh sorry I didn't mention it before, almost every cut scene can be skipped by pressing the " X " key. everything but the ending scene and the credits should be skip-able.
Comment edited by Pyroklastic on 9/2/2010
Posted by MasterM 2nd September, 2010

judging by the screenshots this looks really good
Posted by Shiru 2nd September, 2010
Rated :

Thanks for the answer and good luck !
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 3rd September, 2010

I've tried this quite a few times now, but I can't really enjoy it until the control is configurable. It's always a pain when you drop the weapon instead of using it to mash zombie-ass.
Looking forward to an update!
Posted by Bricnic 4th September, 2010
Rated :

For the weapons through the stairs, my advice would be to just put an event that says if the item lands on the stairs, it topples down to the bottom of the stairs and lands on the flat ground. That will solve all the problems without looking entirely improbable, and is pretty easy to code. As for the item loss; make sure you have unticked "destroy item if far from playfield" and "inactivate if far from window", and such options in every entity's properties. It definitely doesn't only depend on the item being out of ammo, since the molotov can't run out of ammo And it definitely disappeared. Same goes for the wooden board.

I'm excited about the patch; this game can definitely go big places with a few fixes.
Posted by Esperware Interactive 5th September, 2010
Rated :

I retract my "checkpoint" statement after realizing how incredibly short Story Mode is.
Posted by Fish20 6th September, 2010

Looks great! I hope I don't get voted off the island!
Posted by Esperware Interactive 7th September, 2010
Rated :

So when can we expect the great patch
Posted by W3R3W00F 7th September, 2010
Rated :

I love this game. There's that same feeling of strategy that professional games have, and the survival time modes seem well portioned. I still have yet to beat 14:00, but from what I've played it's excellent.

The art fits perfectly with the game and the atmosphere is spot on. Both Amber and the soldiers' running animations are a bit strange, though otherwise forgivable, concerning you're focusing more on the gameplay.

Thanks for posting! Am quite addicted now.
Posted by Pyroklastic 10th September, 2010

Hi guys, update will be coming soon. I've been kinda busy lately with other things non game related. The custom keys are done, need to alter some screens and some such. Might be a few new bugs I'll have to iron out, but whatever. Updates coming.
Posted by Disthron 13th September, 2010
Rated :

The controls are really really bad. I spent waaaay more time fighting the controls then I did fighting the zombies. I also have some issues with the game play design.

Also, why do I have to throw my weapon away when I wont to shut or lock a door, or search for that matter? Ok, I can understand not being able to attack while doing those things but do I really have to toss my life saving weapon half way across the house? I can't just take one of my hands off of it for a half second while I close the door and lock it?

Every time I was killed because I was stun-locked by a single zombie. Half the time it was because I'd tossed my crowbar across the room in order to move the cupboard, close a door or pick up something else and the zombie was sanding in between me and my weapon. I tried running like the "show me how" section said, but this proved completely useless. The other half was when there was a mob and one managed to get a hit in, then I lost my weapon and was stun-locked to death. It made me wish there was a way to quit without dieing because it is really frustrating just waiting for the zombie to funnish you off.

I realize that you've been working to fix the controls but I'd like to make some suggestions if I may.

Firstly, let the player close and lock doors while they are holding an item, and if they must drop an item, make them drop it at there feet. Get rid of the unlock/use-stairs key and instead have a dedicated attack button. That way if a player wonts to unlock a previusly locked door they can just use the "use/pick-up/investigate/lock" key on it again. As for moving up and down the stairs how about just using the up and down keys to do that. I checked and there dosen't appear to be any use for the up and down keys right now. I couldn't jump or crouch.

WTF!! Why dose the poker thing break? Also, Why can't I punch the zombies or knock them out of the way if I charge at them. I mean these are the slow zombies.

So the first level is 14min long? The comments in the thread seem to indicate that there are no checkpoints or continues. You die and it's back to the beginning of the game? If so, that's just nasty. I've had this for a few days now because I really wonted to give it a good go. I think my curent record is 5min. I don't know how meany times I've played the first level but I'd have been really pissed if I'd gotten all the way up to the second level just to die in the first minute and have to do it all over a gain.

I'm sorry, I feel like a jerk but I have to be honest.

[edit] a couple of people have mentioned the story, and cut-scenes, but the version I downloaded dose not seem to have any.

Also, that reminds me, you have a system to send more zombies when people are doing well but there is no system to send less when they are doing poorly. I guess that might be harder to do though.
Posted by Gnor! 14th September, 2010
Rated :

The controls arent the best but their very manageable. Ive passed this game along to several people who have had a great time playing.

With only one attempt getting the controls down, I dont see this as unreasonable even with mainstream console games.

I think that a lot of the little parts of the game are what make it so great, good games put you in situations to make choices. Can I afford to drop my weapon at this time? Do I have enough durability on my weapon (its not unreasonable for a firepoker to break after beating it on anything for a period of time)

Im glad you did not allow hand to hand combat, it takes enough skill to succesfully use the firepoker let alone have this chick try her hand at zombie skull.

This game is awesome, it has a classic feel and almost every situation has a solution to complete it. When you die its typically because you made a mistake that you would correct on your next playthrough, not the game it self.

Dropping weapons to lock doors is not so bad, like I said its a choice, you can prepair yourself properly to get to doors and lock them. I guess the only thing I could agree on is to possibly make the information box for inspecting seperate so that certain interesting parts of the map arent skipped just because you are carrying around a pistol.

once again thanks for this game! and to those having a hard time enjoying it.

practice makes perfect
Posted by Erick Chung 14th September, 2010
Rated :

i stopped playing games altogether... (forex baby) but when my friend who played this game asked me to try it i was hooked.


For a 1 man project... it had action, suspense and funny twists.
Im sure this game would suck to those who cant adapt to keybinds.
but the game gets you hooked. Especially after beating a level and unlocking weapons and modes. It was cool haha. the artworks is catchy and sexy too
Posted by lenfant 14th September, 2010
Rated :

This game is addictive. I really don't get why people whine about the keys. i did just fine with the keys it's NOT THAT DIFFICULT to use the keys. good job craigy pie.
Posted by Disthron 14th September, 2010
Rated :

Ok, I've been playing this thing all night tonight. So I have to admit it is very addictive.

And yet, I hated almost every second of it. I don't know how many times I hit F2, restarting the game, going all the way back to the menu again because I was 20sec in and I knew I'd already lost! And all because I'd accidentally thrown my weapon across the other side of the advancing zombie or because I was hammering a one of the keys but it was not registering. Oh, or forgetting that I had to drop my weapon to close a door or press a special button to go up the stairs. Seriously, why can't I lock the door while I'm holding a weapon?

It really feels that you have ether wone or lost in the first minute of the game. Even though I haven't actually won yet.

I found the item select/use thing with the up and down arrows but I still think you should use them for the stairs. It is Reeeeeeealy unintuitive to have to use a key to move up and down the stairs.

You know, I think you'd have a really grate game here if you fix the these few issues. You claim that the game is not meant to be torture, but it is VERY unforgiving. I feel like even the slightest mistake and, even if it won't kill me straight away, I know I've already lost. And it's not because I'm a quitter. It's because experience from the 2 or 3 other times that I didn't quit after the same mistake and death was just a slower entropy.

Oh, if your at the end of the timer, don't run out the back. One time I was just at the 6:45min mark (or something like that) as the zombies bashed down the door of the bedroom. I was still on full health and managed to kill most of the mob with my last shotgun blast. I managed to not get stun-locked on the last one but as I got to the bottom of the stairs the mob from the front door was there. So I ran out the back. Then I hear shooting and I assume it's the army or something... but the zombies didn't die! I could hear shooting, and I knew it wasn't me, but they just kept meandering toward me. Am I supposed to run out the front? Am I supposed to kill all the zombies before the level will end? If so I would have survived for nothing because I wouldn't have survived past that last mob. I did expect to advance, because I did beat the timer DAM IT!! So once again, I'm just left feeling robbed.

Also, I downloaded the large 50MB version of the game with music but I am yet to find any cut-scenes.

lenfant@ It's not just the configuration, it's also the mechanics of it. I shouldn't have to throw my weapon away to just close a door.

It just occurred to me, it might also have been a bug.

Comment edited by Disthron on 9/14/2010
Comment edited by Disthron on 9/14/2010
Posted by Gnor! 14th September, 2010
Rated :

at Disthron

dont give up! I know quite a few people who play this by now, you're the first ive heard with issues for dropping weapons to unlock doors having a specific button for running up stairs.

It probably sucks having issues with that but those are some of my favorite parts about this game.

Ive had a lot of oh sh*$ moments because of the those buttons work, and it sort of makes it more rewarding knowing you executed so well.

I say keep giving it a shot, 7 min mode is only the start! once you start rolling in rewards I think youll change your mind overall.

good luck!
Posted by Disthron 17th September, 2010
Rated :


The main problem in LOCKING the doors. I can understand having to put your weapon down in order to put the door back up when it's fallen down but even then she could just put it down rather than throwing it away.
Posted by Esperware Interactive 19th September, 2010
Rated :

Still waiting on the much anticipated update
Posted by Beau 22nd September, 2010
Rated :

The controls are a bit awkward at first, but only because they use , . / instead of zxc. The door locking mechanism isn't any problem in my opinion, nor are the stairs. I found them frustrating only my first or second time playing. If you dedicate a little bit of effort, it stops being any problem. Once you're competent at playing the game you won't notice at all. Weapon stacks also fail to be a problem as you'll begin to group weapons you need on the main floor, rather than hiding in the bedroom. Keeping count of the zombies at each door will give you an idea of how long you have before it breaks down, which if well timed, you can spend the entire game running between the 2 doors with the shotgun killing everything. Rating this less than a 5 star is stupid. The quality of releases on this site have been worse and worse lately. For this being a first release, it is downright amazing. If Fallen Angel was still active I wouldn't waste a second trying to recruit Pyro. He did an amazing job catching suspense in a unique 1 frame level. Which, anyone familiar with the Night of the Living Dead, realizes is the whole point. An excellent throw back to a genre saturated by Resident Evil clones. (Not to say I wouldn't appreciate some sort of full world sequel...Mostly because I would like to see how Pyro dedicates his attention to detail to an entire city of options). Good job, and thanks for giving me something rewarding and more so fun to play.
Posted by JetpackLover 26th September, 2010
Rated :

I've been watching my cousin play this and we have been having a blast. And even though the controls are wonky it's not too bad as it leads to some hilarious moments when he is about to shoot and instead he throws the weapon. That kinda lines up with the romero thing and the being clumsy idea. Also the tripping is a very nice touch lol. Though in the long run I think you should have a customizable controls option that way no one can bitch.

Gonna start 14 minute mode now!
Posted by Pyroklastic 27th October, 2010

The final mode of gameplay is now available, as are custom keys. Check it out if you haven't yet you'll really dig it. For any additional info/screenshots check out "Survivor: The Living Dead"s project page here on the site.

Thanks for all the positive feedback, I really enjoy reading the comments, be them good or bad.

Sorry you're having such a hard time with it Disthron.

It isn't really meant to be a straight up action game where you can kick open doors or pick them up and lock them while still wielding weapons, there's supposed to be a type of strategy/choice element ( should I set down the shotgun to go raise the door back up? ) in there. Anyway I hope the custom keys give you a better feel for the game.

Comment edited by Pyroklastic on 10/27/2010
Posted by Beau 29th October, 2010
Rated :

Wow. Endurance mode is a bit nuts. But I got an A my first time surviving. For those wanting some advice: forget combos. Save as much ammo as you can and hang back in the bedroom. Zombies only come in packs of 10-11 and it takes a minute per rush for them to get through your door. Come out for big time bonuses (-1:00 +) and use your machine guns to clear quick lines to these powerups. Don't get bit, or you'll never outlast the infection. And also, once the dawn gets close, timer powerups stop appearing, so you're pretty much on your own the last 15 minutes. Hope you saved up a lot of ammo
Posted by Duke Highway 31st October, 2010
Rated :

One of the best games on this site! I'm playing it for days now and unlocked almost all rewards... It is really fun!
Comment edited by Duke Highway on 10/31/2010
Posted by Disthron 5th December, 2010
Rated :

@Pyroklastic Yes but there is a difference between lifting up a door that has fallen off it's hinges and just closing and locking it. I'm pretty sure most people can close a door and then turn the lock one handed. Even when you wont to make the player drop there weapon when they re-set the door, can't you just drop it at your feet?

This hole thing makes me feel I'm somehow using too many buttons in my game.
Posted by Fredrik Ortmon 10th December, 2010
Rated :

Great game with lots of details
It was fun as soon as Ive got a hang of the controls and i kinda wish i could throw the molotovs down through the balcony
But otherwise great game !
Posted by Disthron 10th December, 2010
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This game makes me wont to rant so much, but I'll try and stay calm. I can't get over how acquard the controls in this game are. Why can't I hold a pistol and close a door at the same time? It doesn't take a lot of intense training or forethought to shut a door and flick/turn the lock with your other hand. Even if you were holding a 2 handed weapon like the shot gun you could still just take your hand off of the barrel and do the same thing, if you handed someone a gun prop and asked them to shut a door they'd probably do it without thinking.

And if you must make people drop there gun when there holding a board, do you have to make them throw there weapon across the other side of the room? Can't they just drop it at there feet, what kind of seance dose that make? Not to mention that if you have a pistol you should be able to put that in your pocket or down your pants. I mean if you need a justification for the player being able to hold onto it while carrying something. I know it's not proper gun safety to put it down your pants but your in a bit of a pinch.

And why dose the melee weapon break? It's not like it's the best weapon in the game. Not to mention she is completely useless when she has no weapon. She can't even shove them away.

And again, why is there a button to walk up and down the dam stairs, why can't I just press up and down when I'm near them? It's so unintuitive. I don't know how many times this has screwed me up.

And I still see no story mode option anywhere there is just time trials.

I managed to get past 12min mode on the first release and have not played it again until tonight. Just like the first time I was only lasting a minute or so and I was mostly being killed by the controls. This game is really frustrating and I don't have the patience to relearn the controls.

Anyway, I've said my peace. I really wonted to like this game. I was exited when I first heard about it a while back. The graphics are very nice, and I like a lot of the concepts but the difficulty in this game comes in fighting the system you've set up. And I don't find that very fun at all.

Oh, and I don't recall seeing anywhere in the instructions where you tell people that pressing up and the use key will allow you to put the pipe bomb together.
Posted by NostalgicAlgorithms 18th July, 2012

Looks amazing... Too bad links are broken!
Posted by NostalgicAlgorithms 18th July, 2012

Here is a working link.






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