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Review: So I heard you can't see
Author: Rikus
Added: 03/11/2009

In this game you fall into a dark hole, when you wake up you
are surrounded by a increasing darkness and strange noises.

Now itís up to you and your trust lantern to kill the creepy monsters and very creepy ghost girls once and for all!

Now I have to applaud Callebo for actually making me jump out of my seat somewhere in the game some creepy images pop up while you are playing and it ups the creepiness factor by 100%, well done sir. The graphics are well done and I loved killing the bad guys with my lantern, also the music and sound effects really help create a scary mood that I just loved. What would make this game even better would have been a online high score system so I could compete with other adventures out there. Also what would have been nice is if different sections of the cemetery would open up the longer you played. However, the game does get increasingly harder and it also gets darker with plenty of different enemies to defeat, this is a Halloween game not to be missed. Well done!




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