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Review: To Darken My World Compo Edition Demo
Author: Rikus
Added: 03/11/2009

In to darken my world you actually have to take out the light and create darkness, this alone brings
up some cool game play elements.

In the game you have to find and shoot out these light posts, once you destroyed all the light posts the level itself actually becomes dark, which makes sense but it was a nice surprise.

So once everything is dark you just need to find some lighted dots to continue on to the next level. The game gets harder as you continue on, and the main character you play looks pretty cool. Itís a shame that he does not have some sort of animation. The game play itself can be a bit uneven as sometimes you jump into certain death because of the spikes. When you take the time and learn how to play this, to darken my world is actually a good game that just needs some level design fixed here and there.




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