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To Darken My World Compo Edition Demo
Author: Xhunterko Submitted: 19th October, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 104

Edited By Rikus on 10/23/2009

This demo was made for the tdc holloween 09 competition.

Arrow keys to move
'shift' to jump
'A' to shoot
'Q' to restart

A race of evil aliens have spread a devastating foreign weed called spike. These weeds resemble the oh so familar death spike traps from many video games. They stated over a planetary wide broadcast that they will harvest all the plants when they are fully grown. They have also created light outposts whose beams are so great they are stopping night from falling across the world. The outposts enable the spikes to grow to immense sizes, some now the size of busses. While world governments send out weakened sos signals to planetary neighbors for help, individual groups have decided to take action. An alien species know as the Regore, who has settle on earth, have discovered that they can harness the power of the immense light. As a reperesentative of the Regore, you have taught three other individuals this trick. You four are now going to attempt to take out the light posts in your region. At all costs.

Blast your way through 3 levels plus an unfinished boss level! I am also taking bug reports so I included the source file in the 7zip archive. The reason being, in one of the levels, level 1 I think. There is an area near the beginning of the map, that when you jump, you get stuck there. Yet there is nothing there in the editor. I think it is a object won't delete related bug. Or something.

Download site warning!
Do NOT click right away! There may be a large full page add that pops up instantly! Simply click the close tab for it and then hit the download button. Once you are taken to the file page on, click the download button there. You will then be taken to a thank you for downloading page. After a few seconds, a "save file as" prompt will appear and you should then click ok.

There are a few bugs. But if you get stuck in a backdrop or fall behind, then press "Q" or "A" (either works, I dunno why)to restart. Enjoy the game. And thank you for downloading!

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Posted by Va1entine 19th October, 2009

I got to level 3!
Posted by Xhunterko 20th October, 2009

Awesome! It's not too hard is it?
Posted by Xhunterko 21st October, 2009

Hey downloaders! If this is a bit difficult, then please let me know where! I'll see if I can't tweak it a little. But, at least you don't have lives to worry about. So you never really lose progress. Yet. So, please let me know! Either here or in the project forum. Thankees!
Posted by 0ko 22nd October, 2009
Rated :

I-... no nevermind.
Posted by Xhunterko 23rd October, 2009

Wait? No go ahead. I don't get it.
Posted by 0ko 23rd October, 2009
Rated :

Okay well... this is just my personal opinion, and it probably doesn't really matter because this is a demo, but I'll mention these things anyway, just in case.

What I liked :
+The whole atmosphere changes once you destroy all the light posts (or is it just lag?)
+You have avoided the cliche and made it more like "restoring darkness to the world"

What I dis-liked :
-Animations were non-existent
-after getting stuck in places, I had to restart the entire area
-I got stuck EVERYWHERE spikes, ground, an even mid-air!
-I found the engine to be clunky
-I can't see the random people that start conversations with me
-After I fixed the bridge and returned to where somebody talked to me, nobody thanked me
-There is no background
-It's not even remotely scary

What I didn't understand :
So I take it that it's always night time in this game?
or is it like a planet that has so many moons that there is no sunlight? (that would cause it to turn into a ball of ice though).
Posted by Xhunterko 23rd October, 2009

Thank you for the feedback! I'll try to take each of your points in turn.

Demo: Yes, this is a demo. I wanted to release a demo around halloween, but then the compo came up and I tried to rush this. I am trying to aim for a Nov 31 release. It's not really supposed to be "scary" per say. One of the allowed categories was atmosphere, so this was perfect for that. And thanks for noticing my darkness theory. Hopefully with a new demo I'll be able to explain things a lot better! No, it's not lag, it's supposed to change.

All right, on to some of your concerns.

1. Sorry bout the non existant animations. I normally don't animate til I have the correct shading and all. Plus, I was thinking about getting a demo in on time. Ya, no animations suck.
2. I should of been more clear, and or give another option for restarting. Q is to completely restart the level. A is to just go back to start. I dunno why A does that, it's not supposed to until after you die.
3/4. I know about some of the getting stuck areas. But then, don't you die in most games when you hit a spike? That mid air glitch is a mystery. I have no idea what object is there/not there. There's certianly nothing there in the editor. At what areas did you find the engine chunky? The enemy laser beam walls? I have no way to control that right now. Hopefully I'll get it fixed.
5/6 Sorry bout that. Again, I was rushing to get it contest ready, so I couldn't add that. I'll try to add arrows or something, and maybe cut out the automatic text. I'll also try and fix the yes/no and have a thank you trigger.
7. Background again, was a time restraint issue. Hopefully I'll get some drawn up for the next release.
8. Again, I was going for more of an atmosphere then scary.

About your question. I'm hoping the opening story that I add will hopefully explain that a little. It's actually Earth really. And the Vlack have positioned orbital screens and mirrors to filter out the light and darkness so that it will be constant, color difused twilight. Which is the perfect condition for their spike weed to grow. Which is how they destroy planets. To combat this, and to be undercover at the same time, the Regore have set up Darken posts which will negate the effects of the mirrors and filters. Thus changing the light pattern to normal. And since the spike can't survive in those conditions, it dies out. So the whole point is being to bring back the darkness, to help restore the normal light.

Hopefully that helps. And again, thank you for the feedback! I'm using davidn's extended slope example becuase any other example doesn't have slopes. I don't know how to get the getting stuck to stop other then allow choice restarting. So, hopefully I'll be able to fix/address some of your concerns then. And thank you for downloading!
Posted by 0ko 23rd October, 2009
Rated :

My... you certainly had a lot to say.

What I meant about the engine being clunky was just like... you know, clunky!
The jumping : There's no acceleration with the gravity so I just sort of... pop up! then.. pop down!
The walking : Just didn't feel smooth, I don't know why.

And to be fair... I didn't play it with the speaker on, and that usually adds a lot to the atmosphere.

Good luck with your game, I hope it turns out!
Posted by Xhunterko 23rd October, 2009

What! You didn't even hear the music! Aw man. And those sounds are hand crafted too, man. (jk, though, i did make the sounds and music )

Okay, I'll check his example that has variable movement and gradual accleration. Though I don't know how well that'll work with the slopes. I just wanted to get everything cleared up, that's all. Thanks again.






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