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Review: Final Vision
Author: Aden
Added: 16/08/2009

The game is presentated well with a short but sweet title sequence. I like this because if you want to play a game you done want to be waiting 5 minutes before you can get to the title, so a well done Presentation. 10*

game play is very adictive the level system well slightly easy but fun i finished the game at a reasnable level 40. I liked the first boss, going throught the cave searching for him and there he was. A lot of vairying monsters, weapons, armour and spells liked it. The last boss was bit of a disapointment i killed him with 3 hits and im not sure if he even hurt me. so over all very good gameplay mabye next time make the leveling system a bit harder. 8*

I think that the graphics are superb they fit the game well and are nice to look at. There is a nice vairy of graphics used here it looks great 10*

i think that the sounds are cheap, but fit the game well i dont think it would be as good if the monsters had big scary voices and all the sounds where very realistic. So sounds, very good. Music fits also very well and there very well done nice and relaxing. 9* mabye a bigger vairie of music and sound effects next time?

this game only lasted 2 days for me to complete but i think im going to start a new char and do it again it was great. 10*

im going to give this game an overall rating of... 9* i think it was very well done good job!

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Posted by alastair john jack 17th August, 2009

thanks Aden
Posted by Aden 19th August, 2009

yw = very good game


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