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Review: Final Vision
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 21/10/2007

Final Vision is a Final Fantasy fan game, as it uses some graphics, sounds and music from old school Final Fantasy games. It even borrows some things from the original NES games which not everyone may notice.

This is a rare klik game that may look simple on the outside, but is so well programmed and well made that any player will soon appreciate the time that went into making it. There is a good title screen, good story, good save system, and many other nice touches that really bring this game to life.

Gameplay is really where this game shines. Character control itself is very solid and easy to learn, and the menu and button setup is also a piece of cake. You'll buy, equip, set actions, and use them all with ease. The menu is very well done and easy to navigate. Entering houses and buying new items is a breeze, and all of this is done with the same few buttons.

Graphics are very well done in this game. Backgrounds scroll by in the distance and really add depth to the gameplay. The spell effects are fun to watch, the shops and people are well drawn, and enemies graphics are well done also. I do wish the game would play fullscreen, however. Maybe that's an option that can be included in the next release.

Sounds and music are top notch and I don't think they could be improved upon. I recognize many sounds from oldschool Final Fantasy games, and thats ok because this is a FF fangame. The sounds and music chosen suit the game well and add to the atmosphere.

This game can easily keep a player glued to their computer for hours. There are a huge variety of weapons, spells, armor and items, as well as a many classes to choose from. I played as a Red Mage, and I'm already curious what I'm missing with the others!

This is a rare gem in the klik world. It's a very well made game with easy to use menus, great customization, and a lot of possibilites! The author really went the extra mile to make this game user friendly. The game is highly recommended for klik rpg fans.

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Posted by Tim 23rd October, 2007

Thanks for taking the time out to review this game Shroom Not many people do these days, even if they appreciate the game.
Posted by alastair john jack 30th October, 2007

Too kind!
Posted by ~Zigzag~ 26th November, 2007

Awesome game and review. Well done. It scares me that the entire platform is a single object though.


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