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Review: Dragon Master
Author: MBK
Added: 01/06/2009

Rikus said it would be alright for me to make a 2nd review now that he's taken out some annoyances and added a more friendly continue system.

Because Rikus is a good sport and fixed some of the issues, I feel that it should add to his already extremely good presentation score. I can't give it a 10 though, as there are still glitches.
A 9 in anything for a game that still contains glitches, should be considered a great honor

Now that Rikus took out some of the annoying glitches and added the ability to continue on the level before the current one you just lost on, the game plays much smoother now.

Before I couldn't beat the game at all, but it was so annoying that I eventually just gave up on it and decided to never play it again. Now I played through the entire thing in less than an hour or two (I didn't pay that close attention to time). Much more fun that way, especially since you can play for the highest score.

Music is still average in my opinion.

Funfactor has gone up a notch and irritation has gone down 2 notches at the cost of difficulty. There will be more of a chance of people coming back to play this game at a later date, even if they beat it now.

33/5 = 6.6 Overall It's a much more enjoyable game now. I still wish Review scores would show one decimal place. Then people could easily see the true score, instead of a rounded down version. Rikus' score jumped up by eight category points due to the fixes. It makes more of a difference than the single digit number can show.

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Posted by Rikus 6th June, 2009

Thanks for the second review MBK and taking the time to give it another go!


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