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Review: Dragon Master
Author: MBK
Added: 03/05/2009

The presentation is superb. Except for the fact that the intro doesn't fit so well (imo) with the rest of the game, everything is quite good.

The Intro is epic and very easily the best thing about this game. The dialogue could be better, but it's not too bad really. It really builds up the expectations as to what the game will be though, and leads to much disappointment when you reach actual gameplay.

While being unique in style, it does not veer from the usual platforming formula. Collect coins, avoid obstacles, and jump from platform to platform. Several glitches can be found as you play.

The intro graphics are EPIC! 10 The actual gameplay portion of the graphics rate closer to a 6 or 7, as there were many animation elements that could have been better.

I barely noticed the music, which basically means there was little special about it, OR it could just be that I was too irritated by repetitive gameplay elements. But even if that were the case, the music should be powerful enough to instill a fun mood.

It's good to have a platformer in vitalize style. Too bad that it's such a difficult game to play. Being too difficult can decrease lastability, because once someone with poor gaming skills (like me), finally makes it through it, he really doesn't want to bother with it again.

The intro is really nice, but as soon as I seen that I was stuck playing as a ball moving up and down on its own, having to move it from platform to platform to collect tokens of some sort, I was ready to quit right then and there. However ..... .... I proceeded to play it despite that, and easily beat the first level, then got killed on the 2nd level three times in a row by some nearly invisible little white thing that comes out of nowhere. That's about the point that I couldn't stand it anymore and simply quit. I eventually played again .. read on. The beginning built me up to think that it could be something truly good. And then, complete total let-down. It's not a bad game, I'm not saying that. But it most certainly could be better. Rikus, I respect you too much not to tell you that. It's not all bad, in fact, the intro is truly epic, and the graphics in the intro are amazing. But that leads to the dissappointment when you get to the actual gameplay. You see, I was expecting a completely different genre of game. This kind of platformer isn't exactly the first thing that I think of when I see "Arcade". I was actually expecting a fighter or an action/adventure of some sort, you know, something designed to be fun without a highscore table. This is in Vitalize though so that's kind of nice ... so once there are high scores it should help a bit. I could not make a better game than this myself right now, which is basically why I don't make too many things. Some things were good about the game. The AI of the bats was nice. The concept is good, but honestly the intro is much better than the actual gameplay, and would fit better with something else. It's a good game in a way, but just way way way too irritating. The little white thing that comes out of cloud at the worst possible time is annoying. The fact that you're stuck bouncing the whole time is annoying. The glitches that hinder gameplay are annoying. When holding up and going off the top of screen, you die. The fireball never faces the right direction. You can still die after completing a level. Can't shoot a fireball when holding up or down, and can only shoot again after you move left or right once having hit up or down. I'm sure there's a ton more, but I refuse to play this further, even if there's some sort of epic ending. I did like the level with the bonfire and the guy flying around it ... it made things more interesting and was good design. Your KlikCasts are always great Rikus, and I sincerely apologise for saying all this negative mess, but this could have been so good if done right. Such a good story start, and such good graphics in the beginning ... This game just really disappointed me after building me up with hopes at the beginning. Being stuck with mediocrity after such an epic intro. ... well, it nearly made me cry at the lost potential. I think that I would enjoy this game much more once the scoring system is implemented. Currently there just seems no reason to play it, but having online high scores tends to get me playing games that I otherwise wouldn't spend much time on. Yes, I did enjoy it some .. but it also frustrated and irritated the hell outta me (perfect for an online highscore style game as they all have that annoying style to some extent) If you like challenges, and don't mind fighting through glitches and little things that kill you from out of nowhere, then this is the game to play.

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Posted by Rikus 3rd May, 2009

Auch, lol. -hides- Sorry you feel that way. Are you playing in a higher resolution, since the little white thing for me anyway is "really" easy to avoid. This is not the high-fast action game people want it to be I think, only firing once was done on purpose. Maybe that is showing my age now a bit. It was meant to be played every now and then not to be finished in 1 go. For some reason it keeps calling for you to just try it one more time. Anyway thanks for the review, try again I dare ya to see the end boss Or at least the high-paced rock throwing levels!
Posted by MBK 4th May, 2009

Don't feel bad Rikus, it's not as harsh as it sounds.
I'm a really negative person and tend to look at the dark side of things more than the good aspects, even though I try not to.

It's really a good game in alot of ways. That bonfire level was quite nice. I really enjoyed that.

I'm going to rate others works too eventually, and this is basically right in the middle as I will be using all the stars.
Don't compare this to what others have rated for games is basically what I'm saying, as this is my take on it and I do everything a bit differently, and tend to use all the stars in the rating system.
Your game is average or better, and certainly better than anything I can accomplish at the moment.

I really loved the Story Intro. You could say that it actually hindered your score, because it was so good, that I just expected way too much for gameplay.
You're great Rikus ... love the podcasts btw!

Comment edited by MBK on 5/4/2009
Posted by Ski 4th May, 2009

I agree that its not that harsh, in the way that a lot of people on this site over-rate games in reviews.

Nines and tens in reviews should be quite rare and really only used if the game is top notch incredible, but that sadly doesn't happen, and newer members splash out top scores all over the place (even on demos!)

Oh and MBK, heard of paragraphs?

Posted by MBK 6th May, 2009

Yea ... I heard of paragraphs. But I'm American so I'm terrible at English!

You know ... I should have marked this a 6 overall really.
All the points add to being 1 point below for what 6 would be.
Average it out and you'll see what I mean. Is there a way to change it? 5 categories (the overall is where the average goes) .. 29 points ... 29/5 = 5.8

Hmm .. seems to me that a tens place added to ratings would come in handy.
Plus an automatic tally that averages up the 5 categories would be really nice. That way the "Overall" category would be sure to be based upon the scores placed for all the other categories of the game.

Comment edited by MBK on 5/6/2009


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